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WTF is a hydrolat




Do you know what a Hydrolat actually is?  Don’t worry many don’t, myself including at one time.  However, once you read this blog you will realize how amazing they actually are and how they should become a staple in your beauty routine!

Working at KHUS + KHUS, I already knew what a serum and wax were.  They are common knowledge and most know how beneficial they can be.  Unfortunately, my first weeks of working at KHUS + KHUS I didn’t really understand what hydrolats were and how they fit in with the other products I was making.  Kristi, full of so much knowledge and answers to all of my new may be redundant questions, explained to me how valuable hydrolats really are. When you think of how essential oils are made, they take a ton (literally an actual ton) of plant material and pass steam through the plants.  Once this happens the active chemicals in the plants are released into the steam and then condenses. This steam then turns back into the water and now holds all the natural healing chemicals that the plants held. However, in this new water, there are two types chemicals, one that can be dissolved in water, and ones that are not.  The ones that are not able to be dissolved in water are extracted from solution and used to create the essential oils that are commonly used in the serums and waxes we create at KHUS + KHUS. But what happens to all the other beneficial material that can be distilled in water? This is what is known as a hydrolat. So hydrolats contain the chemicals from plants that can dissolve in water and hold just as many constituents and properties that essential oils hold.

So if we really think about our body and how it is composed of 60% of water, wouldn’t it make sense that that in order to gain the balancing and therapeutic healing we desire, that some of our products should contain water?  Hydrolats gives you that opportunity to use the properties of the plant that are not so easy to get from essential oils! Kristi gave me a great book about hydrolats called Hydrosols: The Next Aromatherapy by Suzanna Catty and one quote that stood out for me is “hydrosols (hydrolats) contain all of the plant in every drop, like a hologram”.  Once you really understand what hydrolats are, you realize that they contain the same amount of therapeutic benefits as serums.  

Now, how do you use them?  Luckily, this product is one of the most versatile products out there! I am currently using KHUS + KHUS Detox Hydrolat and use it multiple times throughout the day.  You can use them as a skin toner to balance out the skin. They can be used to set makeup and give you a dewy glow. They can also be used for aromatherapy benefits that you would obtain from using a diffuser.  Spray the hydrolat around your face and inhale the benefits of the aroma and feel your body calm down and react to the properties of the plants. I personally use hydrolats throughout my entire day. I spray my face with them right as I wake up when I feel my body becoming tired during the day and every time I put on makeup to make my face look refreshed and alert.  You cannot go wrong with using hydrolats and you will feel the therapeutic benefits they contain after just one spray!



Jennifer Wildes


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