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Lifestyle routines, aka self care are the pillars of health. We practice them because we live in a stimulating world. It’s important to balance ourselves with practices that establish a way for the body and mind to calm down. The nervous system is responsible for many endocrine responses in the body. For example, when we allow time for relaxation or meditation we allow the mind to rest from its daily activities, to release our bodies and minds from the endless thoughts. This produces a release, which allows for the body to regulate. Creating homeostasis is the goal of lifestyle routines.

Our manifestation of our thoughts about ourselves dictate how we spend our time and money and the habits we employ as part of our routines. We have routines around food and this has tremendous impact on our health. Whether we decide to exercise or even what type of exercise we engage in, it’s all a manifestation of how we feel. We have choices at every moment that dictate how we age and more importantly how healthy we are in our minds and body. Our practices ultimately dictate our state of health. A calm mind means a calm nervous system; they are intrinsically related. When we become aware that the choices we make may be causing us harm and want to change them is a sign that you’ve decided to take responsibility for your health and it’s time to start implementing choices that support you on your wellness journey.

We believe that when our body and minds are in harmony with nature by living as close to a natural life with whole foods, spending time in nature and using plants on a daily basis, the message your mind and body receive is a translation of love and compassion. Plants posses their own Ojas- the energy and love within their system. They only translate this energetic force when they have been used with love.

Love is the ultimate healing force plants are the vehicle.

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