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Why Amla oil should be in your skincare routine

I don’t know about you, but it can get quite daunting figuring out what oil is the most beneficial when looking for a new product to add to your skincare routine. With so many options out there, and without doing hours of research, it can be quite difficult to choose. The most common types of oil that are found in skin care are coconut, olive, and sunflower. But have you ever tried Amla oil? With high antioxidants and vitamin C content, the benefits of this oil are vast. 

Here is a breakdown of why Amla oil should be included in everyone’s skincare routine and why our THE FIX face potion has become such a favorite for so many of our customers.


Vitamin C content

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and Amla oil is one of nature’s most potent sources. Vitamin C promotes collagen production, which is what helps wrinkles from occurring. It is also extremely hydrating, and can even reduce redness due to its anti-inflammatory properties.  Hyperpigmentation, scars and uneven skin tones are all extremely common skin concerns that the majority of us will face. Because amla oil contains such a high level of vitamin C, this can help slow down melanin production which can help dark spots and hyperpigmentation. 

Antioxidant content

Antioxidants help to protect the skin against free radicals. This process is what breaks down the collagen within the skin, and causes damage to our skin cells. Since Amla oil is so rich in antioxidants, such as flavonoids and polyphenols, this can help the production of collagen and stimulate new skin growth.

Another important factor when it comes to finding the right product in skincare is anti-aging properties. It turns out amla oil is also perfect for that! When used as part of a regular skincare routine, amla oil can help. This is because the antioxidants within this oil aid in collagen production which is what is responsible for helping our skin to look youthful and bright.


Amla oil is ideal for those with dry skin. The vitamin C content within helps your skin retain water, which in turn helps it stay hydrated for longer. 

Helps with acne

Not only can amla help to fade acne scarring, but it can even help to reduce breakouts! Due to its high tannin content, amla oil is known as an astringent which can help with high production of oils that can lead to breakouts.

This oil really can do it all. Whether you have acne prone skin, sun-damage, or have sensitive skin, Amla oil is a no brainer and will be a key step in your skin care routine. 

After extensive research on why Amla oil is a great addition to a skincare routine, it’s no wonder why KHUS + KHUS THE FIX face potion is our best seller! THE FIX is a daily potion carefully crafted to not only gently nourish your skin, but provides a great deal of therapeutic properties.

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