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Your skin is one of the most important organs in your body. It stops pollutants
from entering but is also the canvas that you show off to the world.

Everyone wants to have a healthy body, but many forget to take care of their skin. Why is it that when we think about the push to sustainable and organic products we only really consider the things that we consume? While many of us, myself including, try to live a life that is healthy, we still use products that are filled with chemicals on our skin… We’re stuck in a society where beauty is our primary goal, but to really achieve that goal we need to fully understand what we are putting on our skin. There is so much more we can do to achieve a healthy lifestyle that doesn’t involve harmful products and routines.

Your skin has an amazing way of telling you what is going on inside your body.
There are many skin problems people have, from dry and oily skin, to eczema, that
many believe are due to causes that are external that we have no control over. I used
to believe that the problems I face with my skin could be cured from a myriad of different
products. I wish I knew back then that many of these products would be pointless, and I
would need to learn to listen to what my skin was telling me instead of trying to fix the
symptoms I was facing.

There are some simple factors that can affect your skin that many don’t realize.
A few that are rarely talked about are the emotions you’re feeling as well as your
oxygen intake. If you’re feeling happiness and love, your skin reveals those feelings by
being radiant and glowing. However, negative emotions show dull skin. If you’re able
to control your emotions by understanding and expressing them in a positive way, no
matter the emotion, instead of repressing them, your skin will thank you. In regards to
oxygen intake, breathing is a major key to overall health and your consciousness. Most
people don’t inhale deeply while breathing, which creates underactive lungs. This can
cause many skin problems, from pale and puffy skin, to pimples on your cheeks. There
are so many breathing techniques out there that have amazing benefits for your health,
which translates to your skin. I have just started taking time out of my day to listen to
my breathing and instantly started to feel my body become more conscious of my
surroundings and myself. It’s insane how much the simple tasks of breathing and the
emotions you are feeling can dictate your health.

I know that it’s tough to fully embrace a life that is nontoxic and beneficial, and I
am still a newbie when it comes to this. It’s hard to do away with all of the products out
there that claim they are there to help you. This transformation that I am on is difficult
and challenging since I am trying to build a new life that centers on whole body healing.

However, once you start making the conscious effort to transform your life into one that
is free from chemicals and embrace a life full of nontoxic products and practices, you
skin and overall health will thank you!


Jennifer Wildes

KHUS+KHUS modern herbal fusion

Team Member, Denver Transplant, New Green Beauty Convert

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