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USNEA the herbal wonder


USNEA medicinal use dates back to ancient China often used to treat the infection. in fact, it is still used today as a method to reduce infection.

USNEA also known as a lichen represent a significant source of antioxidants due to numerous metabolites that can reduce free radicals. Usnea has been recognized and used since ancient times for its therapeutic effects, some of which are based on its antioxidant properties.

Rich in polyphenols it possesses anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, anti-oxidant properties, and DNA repair activities. Polyphenols are known to prevent a variety of skin disorders caused by excessive exposure to solar UV light.

USNIC acid another chemical compound found in USNEA is being researched for its anticancer effect on cells. Recent research suggests usnic acid can accelerate skin wound healing or the process of repairing and remodeling damaged tissue.

Recent study results revealed that wound healing rates were higher and re-epithelialized times were shorter with topical application of usnic acid, as compared to the negative control group. Histological results showed treatment with usnic acid caused a reduction in inflammatory cells and an increase in fibroblast proliferation, granulation tissue, and vascular regeneration.

Usnic acid treatment also resulted in earlier complete re-epithelialization, formation of well-organized bands of collagen, and epidermal keratinization.

SO it’s looking like plants are full of complex healing matrixes and are essential in the maintenance of optimal skin health.

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