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In the tapestry of Ayurvedic beauty rituals, there lies a transformative practice that has enthralled minds and caressed countless skins over millennia — the art of face masking. Delving beyond the surface, Ayurvedic masks are a confluence of earth’s clay and the vivacity of herbs, each ingredient whispering tales of healing, rejuvenation, and luminescence.

As seekers at the confluence of tradition and modernity, at KHUS+KHUS, we’ve journeyed into the depths of Ayurvedic wisdom, presenting to you our botanical marvel: the GLOW face mask. Let’s embark on a journey, unmasking the mystique and potency of its ingredients.

 ROSE CLAY: The Tender Embrace

Gentle yet profound, rose clay is the tender caress of Mother Earth. Its fine grains exfoliate softly, unclogging pores and ushering in a rosy glow that mirrors the first blush of dawn.

WHITE FRENCH CLAY: Nature’s Detoxifier

Sourced from the pristine terrains of France, this clay stands as a detoxifying genius. Its absorbent properties pull out impurities, toxins, and excess oils, bestowing upon the skin clarity that rivals crystal waters.

 TURMERIC: Ayurveda’s Golden Elixir

Turmeric, the golden treasure of Ayurveda, needs little introduction. A powerhouse of curcumin, it addresses inflammations, diminishes dark spots, and envelops the skin in a luminous glow, akin to sun-kissed mornings.

 AUSTRALIAN SEA SALT: Ocean’s Healing Kiss

Mined from the depths of Australian oceans, this sea salt carries the ocean’s healing and purifying energy. As it exfoliates, it invigorates the skin, amplifying its natural luster, making you feel embraced by oceanic waves.

 CALENDULA: The Blossom’s Soothe

Calendula, with its sunny petals, is a botanical balm. Renowned for its soothing properties, it calms irritations, boosts collagen production, and swathes the skin in gentle, floral tranquility.


At the heart of our modern Ayurvedic offerings is the GLOW face mask. A harmonious blend of rose clay, white French clay, turmeric, Australian sea salt, and calendula, it’s more than just a mask—it’s a ritual. As you apply this blend, imagine being cocooned in nature’s embrace, where every granule, every herb nurtures, purifies, and illuminates. Your skin isn’t just left clean; it radiates, it truly glows.


Face masks in Ayurveda are not just about skincare; they’re a meditative pause, a moment to reconnect with oneself and nature. As you wear the GLOW face mask, close your eyes and breathe in the earthy and floral aromas. Let them transport you to serene landscapes, where tradition marries modernity, and nature crafts beauty tales.

Closing Whisper

At KHUS+KHUS, we believe in preserving the sanctity of age-old rituals while infusing them with contemporary charm. Our GLOW face mask is an ode to this belief—a celebration of clay and herbs, of Ayurveda and modern herbal fusion.

Embrace this journey, unmask the benefits, and let your skin resonate with tales as ancient as time and as refreshing as morning dew. 

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