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Are you on the hunt for a skin care product that reverses time? Or a product that will become a new staple in your routine that you will never get tired of? The SANS AGE face serum is that product! The name speaks for itself, i.e. lack of age. But also, serums are a very important step in a perfectly curated skin care routine. As they help lock in moisture and provide essential nutrients to the skin.

Our SANS AGE face serum is the ideal addition for any skin type; acne prone, sensitive, as its ingredients were carefully tested and formulated to be gentle and heal from within. Each ingredient chosen to bless this face serum has been thoughtfully researched to ensure quality and effectiveness.

  • Helichrysum – a powerhouse for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It is used as a detoxifier (perfect for acne prone skin) and an emollient (perfect for irritated skin). It decreases the loss of collagen in your skin which keeps your skin elastic and young and aids in cellular turnover. The antioxidative properties protect you from free radical damage. This essential oil can also help in wound healing, which is a perfect addition for skin that is inflamed from the environment or from acne.
  • German Chamomile – like the tea but a little different. It assists in inflammation through antiseptic properties (another win for acne prone skin), and soothes the skin that has been damaged by irritation. 
  • Blue Tansy – the signature blue color comes from this magical ingredient. It is a deep hydrator; the nutrients found within this ingredient nourish the skin from the inside, erasing any dryness that your skin suffers from. This also aids in the reversal of time, by fading fine lines and wrinkles through repairing damage caused by UV radiation. 
  • Sea Buckthorn CO2 – jammed packed with Vitamin C and omega fatty acids. This ingredient feeds your skin vital vitamins that allow your skin to flourish. Ensuring your skin is allowed the proper vitamins reverses signs of aging as well as positively impacts oxidative damage. This allows the initial barrier of your skin to stay intact and strong. Your acid mantle is key in keeping moisture and wellness in, and the irritable of the world out. 
  • Squalane Olive Derived – naturally produced by the skin, but why not add more! An oil that is lightweight and noncomedogenic (as if acne prone skin isn’t sold yet), this ingredient dives deep into your pores to heal skin from the cellular level. Even though this oil is naturally occurring in the skin, the amount we produce decreases as we age. This is why it’s a no brainer to include this ingredient in skin care products as it is crucial to have this oil ensure your acid mantle stays balanced.

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