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The Dos and Don’ts of Integrating Essential Oils in Your Daily Regime

In the aromatic realm of botanicals, essential oils are nature’s concentrated elixirs, encapsulating the very essence of the plants they’re derived from. These volatile compounds, renowned for their therapeutic properties, have made significant inroads into modern skincare and wellness routines. However, as with all potent formulations, the efficacy of essential oils is contingent upon their judicious use. At KHUS+KHUS, we combine ancient wisdom with modern science to guide you through the nuances of integrating these oils safely and effectively into your daily regime.


Dilute Before Application

Essential oils are potent concentrates. Always dilute them with a carrier oil (like jojoba, coconut, or olive oil) before topical application to avoid skin sensitization. A general guideline is a 3% dilution, which equates to roughly 15 drops of essential oil per 30ml of carrier oil.

Patch Test

Our skin’s response to essential oils can vary. Before fully incorporating an oil into your routine, conduct a patch test. Apply the diluted oil to a small skin area and observe for 24 hours to ensure no adverse reactions manifest.

Educate Yourself

Essential oils possess distinct properties, benefits, and contraindications. Engage in continual education, ensuring you’re using oils that align with your specific needs and health conditions.

Store Correctly 

To preserve their therapeutic properties, store essential oils in dark, cool environments, preferably in amber or miron glass bottles. This prevents oxidative degradation and maintains their efficacy.

Seek Quality

All essential oils are not created equal. Prioritize oils that are 100% pure, free from additives, and sourced sustainably.


Avoid Internal Consumption

Unless guided by a qualified professional, refrain from ingesting essential oils. Their concentrated nature can pose risks when consumed without proper guidance.

Avoid Prolonged Sun Exposure

Some essential oils, particularly citrus-based ones like bergamot or orange, can be photosensitive, increasing skin’s vulnerability to UV rays. 

Don’t Use Undiluted

As emphasized, the potency of essential oils necessitates their dilution. Applying them undiluted can lead to skin irritation or sensitization.

Essential oils, when harnessed sensibly, can be transformative for our well-being. Their integration into our daily regime demands a blend of respect for their potency and an understanding of their science. With the right knowledge and practices, you can safely embark on this aromatic journey, enhancing both your skin’s radiance and your holistic health.

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