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Friends, this past winter is one that none of us will soon forget. As these past two years have been extraordinarily stressful for us all. But as we move into the future with positivity and hope let us take time to reflect and move into the next season with care for ourselves and journey we collectively experienced to get here.

Ayurveda purports the principle of svabhavoparamavada, that everyone has the inherent tendency to move in the direction of balance, with respect to their constitution, and that the body has the inborn wisdom to heal itself. If we can live a natural, clean life, the momentum will be in the direction of health.


The concept of time encompasses not only the measurements of the clock and calendar, but also the phases of the moon and the flow of solar energy. All these change the bodily humors. The Sun is related to human awareness or consciousness and the Moon to the mind, which creates changes in emotions. Awareness of these changes helps one to keep in touch with the flow of energy in the external and internal environments.

Natural living is choice made with the awareness that things that cause us harm are of no value to us. Making the decision to connect with nature is one of the most supportive things you can do for your health. When we connect to nature we move into the natural rhythms of the Universe and from here we begin to be supported on our personal journey towards oneness and the profound understanding that we are in fact the embodiment of nature

Botanicals offer stability, they enhance the biological functions of the body and change our physiology to align with nature. Healing the skin is completely different than masking skin issues, it requires internal adaptation of plant molecules to assist the body towards its natural state.

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