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Should You Try ‘Slugging’ for Softer, Better Skin?

What is Slugging and this TikTok trend?

Using Clean skin care as an alternative:    KHUS + KHUS. 


Hey, we’re no stranger to weird-sounding beauty trends (case in point: root beer hair, tanning vitamins and sparkly face masks). But when we heard that people were “slugging” in the quest for better skin, we were seriously confused. Fortunately, it has nothing to do with the slippery creatures in your backyard—here’s what you need to know.

Um, what is it? “Slugging” is the process of slathering your face with Vaseline before bed (after cleansing and applying moisturizer), thereby turning yourself into a shiny, slimy slug.

And why are people doing this? Devotees (often found in various “Slug-Life” threads on Reddit) swear that slugging leaves them with softer and more hydrated skin when they wake up.

But won’t it clog my pores? Actually, probably not. “Pure petrolatum is heavy and can feel greasy on oily and acne-prone skin; however, it has not been shown to clog pores, so it is fine to use,” Dr. David Lortscher, board-certified dermatologist and founder of Curology tells us. (And here’s a study published in the Journal of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists that found the same thing.)

Does it really work, though? Vaseline is an occlusive product, meaning that it forms a film on the skin and creates a barrier to prevent water loss. Translation? It seals in moisture, which may be beneficial for those suffering from dry skin. But the verdict is out regarding the benefits on those who are more oily or acne-prone.

So, should I try it? If you’re seriously concerned about dryness or any other skin issue, your best bet for a glowing complexion is to work with your dermatologist. But if this winter has left you with a few more dry patches than usual, then give it a go. One more thing: Dr. Lortscher cautions that although it’s very rare, some people can be allergic to petrolatum so just make sure to do a patch test first, OK? (And maybe don’t sleep on your best pillowcase.)

“A better natural alternative to Vaseline would definitely be our KHUS+KHUS RASA restorative potion. Our bodies are not in a symbiotic relationship with petroleum byproducts. We are inherently part of nature and created in communion with nature. Vaseline is a petroleum byproduct just like kerosene and gasoline. I’ve never heard of anyone advocating for the use of these by products by any holistic health practitioner ever. I’ve studied Ayurvedic and Holistic plant medicine for over 15 years. 

RASA restorative potion is infused with adaptogenic mushrooms and Ayurvedic nervine sedatives in a hemp seed and arnica butter. It has a very thick creamy texture.  Applying this product would create a similar outcome without exposing yourself to the unknown metabolic issues often correlated to petrochemical derivatives. These endocrine disrupting ingredients have been linked to world wide fertility issues, and autoimmune imbalances. There are many metabolic issues scientists have linked to these chemicals. 

Products that are produced using ethical growing practices are assimilated into the body without taxing the liver and have positive benefits on endocrine function, they create stability and reduce depletion. Once the body is taxed trying to assimilate unknown compounds, it moves into a depletion state drawing on our cellular reserves. So while the immediate outcome may look positive, what’s actually going on internally is creating the opposite effect. You actually induce premature aging when you tax the liver and confuse the body with chemicals it doesn’t recognize as natural. 

Remember we share half our DNA with mushrooms. I’ve never heard anyone say this about petroleum byproducts.”  Kristi Blustein Founder of KHUS+KHUS


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