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Sea buckthorn and its benefits

I bet if you comb through the ingredients of all your current skin care, you will see one ingredient pop up time and time again–Hippophae rhamnoides, or better known as sea buckthorn. This plant is native throughout Europe and Asia and the entire plant is put to good use–the leaves, flowers, fruits, and seeds. Sea buckthorn is a magical ingredient for your skin, but it serves such a wide range of purposes, from medicine to being a welcome addition to many recipes. 

But why is sea buckthorn so important? It is jam packed with vitamins–A, B1, B2, B6, C (10x more vitamin C than an orange!), E, and once you reach the end of the alphabet you can then reap the benefits of this plant having all four types of omega fatty acids, which are critical in keeping your skin looking fresh and elastic. 

Sea Buckthorn is perfect for all skin types–acne-prone, eczema, rosacea, and overall inflammation. This ingredient has gained popularity over the years in the skin-care world, as it can ease irritation, has high hydration qualities, and can minimize aging-related damage, what more could you ask for?

One of the main reasons why sea buckthorn should be in your life is the undeniable hydration benefits. It is time to start taking control of your dry skin! From nutrients, vitamins, and fatty acids, OH MY–sea buckthorn fights fine lines and wrinkles from within, strengthening your skin’s barrier and locking in moisture. 

With anti-inflammatory properties, sea buckthorn is a no-brainer in keeping your skin free from flare-ups and breakouts. Many products boast their acne-free treatments but they usually end up leaving your skin dry and lack-luster. The dryness you get after these treatments makes your skin vulnerable and prone to another breakout. Sea buckthorn’s ability for deep hydration can help your acne without drying out your skin, thank you fatty acids! The fatty acids create a barrier to fortify the moisture created by your naturally occurring sebum. 

Even though you have most likely been using sea buckthorn without even noticing, if you wanted to make a more conscious effort in bringing this multifaceted plant into your skin-care and life, we have the products for you! To start, THE GOLDEN MILK CLEANSER is the perfect first step in a skin-care routine. It is gentle enough to use daily, and will leave your skin balanced, calm, and smooth. Following the cleanser, try our SANS AGE FACE SERUM. This serum contains botanical superpowers such as blue tansy, squalene, and obviously–sea buckthorn. To finish up your skin care, end with KAI REPAIR BALM. This balm is nutrient-packed and enhances cellular function and communication so that cells function more efficiently, resulting in regeneration of your skin cells.

No matter what specific needs your skin has, sea buckthorn is an ingredient that can do it all. From smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to deep hydration–your skin will thank you for taking such good care of it. Now that you have been convinced of sea buckthorn’s magic, the next step is to try it for yourself! Be more mindful of the ingredients you are putting in and on your body–the results will speak for themselves!

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