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Red Mandarin | more powerful than you think

Red Mandarin: The essential oil that can do it all

If you look through the ingredients in our KHUS+KHUS products you can see that Red Mandarin essential oil is used in a lot of them and for good reason.  Red Mandarin’s health benefits encompass almost everything that a person is looking for when they are trying to create balance from within.

Using the peels of the fruit and cold compression to extract the oil from them creates the Red Mandarin essential oil.  Red Mandarin was originally found in China. It is now found in Italy, which has become the largest producer of this amazing essential oil.

The health benefits of Red Mandarin are vast.  Its properties include being an antiseptic, circulatory, cytophylactic, nervous relaxant, sedative, a tonic, and many many more!  Being an antiseptic means that it does a great job of protecting wounds from bacterial or viral infections. The essential oil is able to form a protective covering over the wound, kill the bacterial or viral infection, and promotes the collection of blood platelets to the wound to generate healing. Since it is a circulatory, Red Mandarin improves blood and lymph circulation within the body.  On all of our products, we say to use long strokes when applying the product. When you do this, especially with products with Red Mandarin, it helps rejuvenate the skin and keeps your skin looking young! This combined with the essential oil being a cytophylactic means that it generates new cells, which aides in the health of your skin! Being a tonic means that this essential oil helps tone your overall health and assists in boosting your immune system.  Since it contributes to your overall health Red Mandarin makes sure everything is working properly, from your respiratory to your endocrine system. Finally, Red Mandarin being a nervous relaxant means that using this essential oil creates relaxation and calming within the body and on the nervous system. It does an amazing job removing stress and anxiety one may be feeling in their life. And since it is great at removing stress, using this essential oil is great for promoting calming sleep.    

Red Mandarin is definitely an essential oil you want to include in your life.  If you are looking to help with congested or oily skin or looking to reduce the stress everyone feels in one’s life, this can really help!  I have been using KHUS+KHUS Surya Body Serum for the past week throughout my day and have definitely noticed my skin become calmer, but also my mind has become more at ease from my hectic days when I breathe in the aroma of this amazingly formulated product.  I make sure to use the Surya Body Serum right before bed so I can inhale the aroma of the Red Mandarin while I drift off to sleep and have noticed that my body is calmer and I am able to sleep throughout the night without waking up and disrupting my sleep cycle. I also make sure to use this product when I do my morning routine because it is a definite mood booster; the citrusy aroma from the Red Mandarin helps calm my nervous system down but also when massaged into the skin you can feel the warmth generated from within that shows in your skin.  With all of the healing benefits, you can see why we use Red Mandarin in so many of our products. Its ability to create balance within the body is what we all strive for and it doesn’t hurt that it smells amazing when using it!



Jennifer Wildes

Green Beauty Convert

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