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Quick guide to ayurvedic lifestyle therapies, daily routines + self care

Within the body, there is a natural rhythm surrounding our relation to food and sleep. When we live in harmony with these rhythms, our body experiences health. When are out of harmony, our bodies experience disease.

Due to improper training, we have lost touch with these rhythms, artificial rhythms created by our society and are own desires to overindulge have led to this this loss.

Ayurvedic lifestyle practices can assist in gaining back some of our natural rythms.

Sleep before 10 pm. I know not fun, but think of it this way going to sleep before 10 pm ensures adequate rest, even earlier in the winter months. Think of it as a rejuvenation time preparation for the long days of summer. So avoid netflix, reading anything too exciting or synthetic lighting in bed. Turn the lights down maybe even burn some candles or get your essential oil diffuser going 30 minutes before bedtime. Try to rise at dawn in order to stay with the rhythms of nature.

Use a neti pot, for most this is not appealing, however I promise once you get used to it, it’s hard to live without it. Cleaning out your nasal passages with slightly salted warm water. I like to use himalayan pink salt and filtered water. This helps maximizes the absorption of prana(vital life force energy). We need all the help we can get when it comes to prana. Your just going to have to trust me on that topic.

Abhyanga self massage, of course if you have someone else do it it’s great too and consider yourself very fortunate. This is one of my personnel favorites and one of the primary reasons I founded khus+khus. Massage the body with warm oil, this builds ojas (immunity) and creates a balanced resistance to stress. This practice also cultivates self love through the practice of self care.

Just one more thing meditation, a daily practice keeps the mind clear and peaceful, through regular practice stress reduces thus creating a balanced mind and body. Just try for 5 minutes daily and slowly increase your time and you will start to see the benefits. Don’t worry if your mind feels restless at first through consistent practice the mind will settle and you will receive the great benefit of peace and health.

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