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Product Description

Want to try our face serums?  But you have commitment issues? We understand.


Minimal commitment required,


Each glass vial contains 10mls of plant superpowers which is more than enough to enhance the skin and just enough for you to decide which serum is working for you.


How much is 10 ml? About 2 weeks of use in each vial.


Why do we have so many face serums?


Every season is different and what our skin needs today may change over time.


We encourage you to use a combination of serums. Our products are designed to be a modern apothecary in the form of skincare.


SANS AGE face serum

helichrysum   german chamomile   blue tansy marula   baobab  argan  squalane  sea buckthorn Co2   rosehip Co2

Skin Challenges: normal, sensitive, inflamed skin, ideal for skin that needs to be calmed down and regenerated.


BLOSSOM face serum

moroccan neroli   petitgrain   red mandarin   wild carrot   sea buckthorn Co2  rosehip Co2   marula   argan   squalane

Skin Challenges: sensitive, redness, combination, dull burnt out skin a great universal skin tonic to combat environmental stress ideal for moderate skin conditions.


THE ROSES face serum

moroccan rose  bulgarian rose alba   rock rose   marula   evening primrose   jojoba   rosehip Co2   sea buckthorn Co2  squalane

Skin Challenges: dry parched skin, inflamed, sensitive, fine lines, an excellent emollient for softening and hydrating the skin.


SEN face serum

endocannabinoid hemp extract   ruh khus   rhododendron   somalian frankincense co2   wild french lavender   black currant   squalane

Skin Challenges: acne, inflammation, dry skin, fine lines, pigmentation issues, highly restorative ideal for activating balance.


DETOX face serum

french violet   patchouli  white grapefruit   rock rose   jojoba  watermelon seed   tamanu   squalane

Skin Challenges: redness, acne, congested, skin that needs cooling down


For more product details, please look at product pages.

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Additional Information

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Reviews (14)

14 reviews for THE FACE SERUMS

  1. kisha (verified owner)

    It’s hard to choose just ONE so this sample set is perfect to try out different scents. You only need one dropper full for one face so this set has actually lasted me 6 months and counting-i use this EVERY day…sometimes twice a day and I will definitely go full size for either the blossom or roses. It’s a thick and very moisturizing with the weather change these are great.

  2. Katie Slavin

    I am absolutely obsessed with all of these serums – picking a favorite leaves you feeling guilty, like you’ve chosen a favorite child, but twist my arm and I’ll say the Sen is without a doubt my go-to. I’ve had skin problems all my life – nothing major, but I sweat a lot and regularly have oily skin, but the next dry day I’ll have flakey skin. It’s tough to find one product that meets the needs for my versatile skin – I’ve seen many dermatologists and had Differin and other prescriptions – but my new regiment is to use a Serum before I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning. I’m really, really satisfied with the results; my skin is noticeably and reliably clearer, which translates into me having more confidence in my day-to-day. I love these Serums – I’ll definitely buy again.

  3. Alek S. (verified owner)

    This is the most generous sampler of all Khus+Khus oils. It offers such an amazing option to try out the oils to determine which was is suited the best for your skin type. I loved the Blossom, which I find it more suitable for the day and Sans Age at night. The scent is gentle and comfortable. I would recommend this set to everyone!

  4. Lauren G

    I love this sample set- the sans age is amazing and has almost completely gotten rid of my perioral dermatitis after just a few days. That’s pretty remarkable considering a short term course of doxycycline is usually the only treatment at a certain point. I even have the antibiotic at home and haven’t needed it… wow!

  5. Carrie M (verified owner)

    I’m so impressed! The packaging and the amount in these samples are deluxe! They give you a clear idea which one will be your favorite (or it may be all of them!) ! I can’t wait to order the two that I have finished off and hopefully another sample set as they are beyond perfect for travel!
    The Sen got rid of my pigmentation spots and I have seriously tried everything! This worked in the short time it has taken me to go through the sample! I’m hooked!

  6. Iri (verified owner)

    One of my favorite bundles! The sizes of the serums for samples are very generous, and will last a long time. Great opportunity to try out the whole collection and deciding what you would like more of. Every one that I have tried so far, hydrated, toned and tightened the skin. Hard to choose a favorite, therefore will come back for more. Plus really appreciated a beautiful packaging on top of this being a great product , and the value you are getting from it.

  7. Chelsea

    I could not be more in love with this sample set. There is an oil for whatever my skin needs. I apply the detox before I head to yoga, and it not only makes my skin look amazing for the entire day, it awakens my senses as each time I catch a whiff of it during downward dog it elevates my mood.
    The Roses oil makes me feel like a divine queen every time I apply it, and I use the Zen when I need to calm down (which is a lot). Recently on a trip abroad, the oils helped me make it through the flight without looking tired and parched when we landed. I can’t wait to try more from khus khus!

  8. Jan (verified owner)

    These serum are really life savers. I have very sensitive skin that most skincare cause breakout on me. But these oil just won’t and healed my skin. And the generous amount of sample allows me choose the one that best suits my skin. They work absolutely well with the hydrolat. Definitely gonna purchase the full size of these serums!

  9. Maura

    I love this little set– I keep it in my travel bag. They do not leak! I love these oils for my eyes and forehead, especially in the winter!

  10. Susan (verified owner)

    I’m glad I was able to try the bundle to see which ones works best for me (FYI they’re all good) before settling on one. They may look small for these lasted for months!

  11. Vanessa (verified owner)

    These are the face serums I have dreamt about, finally in physical form!! The ingredients are so pure, I am so grateful to have found this skincare line! Thank you so very much, Khus Khus.

  12. Marlo Boyle (store manager)

    Thank you for creating such amazing products that easily fit into anyone’s daily regimen and lifestyle. Though I am a big fan of the entire line, I am the biggest fan of the Face Serums. They were my first introduction into the product line and I immediately fell in love with them. The aroma of them alone is enough to keep me hooked as they are so true to plant & flower actual, and each aroma is a beautifully balanced blend. These little vials of luxurious oil leave your skin feeling silky smooth, fully hydrated and balanced as well as the healthy glow finish. I have sent these goodies to so many of my friends who have thanked me over and over. Thank you for the purity in your product creations and the science to support the entire body.

  13. Tam (verified owner)

    I will be ordering these face serums again. Each one was very moisturizing and felt wonderful on my skin. Each one lasted a very long time – just a few drops needed for your entire face. I used them under the Fix face potion. I have dry skin and these products along with Fix are excellent.

  14. Charly

    Love this sampler pack! They are generously sized, so you have enough to really give each serum a chance to work with your skin. My favorites were the detox (the rock rose smells amazing) and surprisingly the Sen, which I will be ordering in the full size. I liked the others (the roses also smells amazing), but these two really addressed my current skin issues, namely what seems to be hormonal acne related to breastfeeding. Nothing has budged it! The Sen in particular seemed to make it disappear completely. Highly recommend!

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