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SURYA body polish


mimosa + neroli + red mandarin + benzion

 argan + coconut + babassu + bolivian pink salt

Botanical Therapeutic Actions: SURYA meaning sun, solar, light creates an uplifting in the mind and body. Formulated with argan oil, a rich source of tocopherols and antioxidants. Used for centuries in by Moroccan women to assist with beautiful skin and hair. Coconut with its high vitamin E content superior in its ability to hydrate and moisturize. Great for dry sensitive skin as well as a fighter of free radicals with an ability to stimulate cellular turnover and create healthy new cells.

+ Mimosa ​artisan extracted in France, the aroma is described as soft, floral with honey undertones. Energetically it helps to create a relaxing nature and works to decrease nervous tension + anxiety. In skin care works well on oily, problem skin conditions.

+ Benzoin a highly reputed anti inflammatory, antioxidant resin, the aroma is sweet, intense, and vanilla. Helps to diminish brown spots on the face, hands, and chest. An excellent skin tonic for sensitive + irritated skin. The aroma is preferred by luxury perfumers.

+ Neroli a powerful ally in skin care. Neroli has an affinity for improving skin elasticity and cellular regeneration. It assist in the treatment of acne, stretch marks and reduces the appearance of scars.

+ Red Mandarin used to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy by the French, recommended for maintaining balanced healthy skin. It has a delicate aroma that sends a message of happiness to the mind.

Energetics: Sweet, kind, gentle and loving. Promoting clarity, relaxing nerves, and uplifting spirits.

What's In It? *citrus reticulata (red mandarin),*styrax tonkinensis (benzoin),*citrus aurantium (neroli),​ ​+acacia dealbata (mimosa),​ ​*argania spinosa (argan oil), ​*​cocos nucifera (coconut oil), *orbignya oleifera (babassu seed oil), sodium chloride (bolivian pink salt) *vitamin E oil mixed tocopherols

NON­-GMO certified, Vegan, *denotes organic + sustainably wild harvested

Use: Apply to wet skin, rub on the body in a vigorous motion, long strokes toward the heart. Rinse and pat dry to retain moisture. No need to moisturize after, but of course that’s up to you! Great to use 1­-2x a week. A perfect complement to KHUS+KHUS body serums + waxes.

Details: 200ML/6.7

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