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RESQ face neck chest potion

5.0 (16 reviews)


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moringa     bakuchi     saffron     bulgarian rose   


Harness the potent fusion of groundbreaking science and botanical brilliance with the RESQ potion, expertly crafted for the face, neck, and chest. Every drop of this formula encapsulates a lush, transformative experience, characterized by a harmonious blend of aromatic allure and silken texture. The bouquet carries the luxurious essence of Bulgarian rose, intermingled with subtle earthy undertones, providing a multisensory delight. Upon application, the potion’s fine consistency ensures rapid absorption, enveloping the skin in a weightless veil of nourishment.


“Try to conceptualize that It took 30 million years of evolution to make a single rose flower”


Davis Crowe

BACKUCHOIL  A revolutionary plant-derived alternative to retinol, Bakuchiol offers the benefits of traditional retinoids, such as collagen stimulation and reduction of fine lines, without the associated irritations. Its antioxidant properties further bolster the skin’s defense against free radicals, paving the path for a firmer, more youthful complexion.


BULGARIAN ROSE  More than just a fragrant delight, Bulgarian rose boasts a treasure trove of skincare benefits. Rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and essential oils, it delivers unparalleled hydration, rejuvenates the skin, and imparts an anti-inflammatory effect, ensuring a soothed and radiant skin surface.


MORINGA  Derived from the seeds of the ‘Miracle Tree’, moringa oil is a reservoir of omega fatty acids and antioxidants. It serves to deeply moisturize, detoxify, and purify the skin, while its inherent antipollution properties shield the skin from environmental stressors and pollutants.


MARULA OIL  Essential fatty acids, amino acids, antioxidants, such as phenolic compounds, high in Vit A and E, protecting the skin against free radical damage and oxidative stress caused by pollution and ultraviolet rays. 

SKIN CHALLENGES  most skin types:  dry, oily, sensitive, eczema, acne, inflammation, sun-damaged, dark circles


BOTANICAL THERAPEUTIC ACTIONS  calmative, antioxidant, regulator, skin tonic 






   skin tonic




nervous system superstar


Additional information

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
What's in it?

squalane (olea europaea derived), *moringa oleifera (moringa seed) butter, *rosa canina (rosehip seed oil), +sclerocarya birrea (marula oil), *hippophae rhamnoides. L (sea buckthorn CO2), +psoralea corylifolia (bakuchiol), rosa x damascena (rose bulgaria), *rosa centifolia (rose petal), *rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary tops), *crocus sativus (saffron), sambucus nigra (elderberry) fruit extract

Denotes *organic +sus.wildcrafted




Apply generously to face, neck, and chest. For deep hydration and aromatherapy benefits.
For best results use twice daily, or when needed.
Store in a cool, dry, dark area for maximum protection of botanicals.

Reviews (16)

16 reviews for RESQ face neck chest potion

  1. Julio (verified owner)

    I am a fan of The Fix Face Potion and would hardly change balm. Resq is extremely nourishing and hydrating. I did not get to try the serum “The Roses”, and when I was about to try it Khus Khus launched this product. Even with the high temperatures and high humidity level of my city located in the Mediterranean, my skin absorbs it completely and is perfectly nourished.
    Resq is extremely sweet and smooth. The scent of roses is comforting and calming. Provides all the nutrition your skin needs, no matter how dry it is. The 50 ml content is appreciated, (please do the same with The Fix), and very little is needed for each application.
    Fantastic balm with a beautiful composition. Another Holy Grail.

  2. Leigh

    I recently tried this balm as part of the Face Sample Pack and I absolutely LOVE it. I also really love The FIx, but this one is my favorite, I think, in terms of its scent and consistency. Of the many balms I have tried, it is the most pleasing to my skin. Beautiful and soothing.

  3. Alicia (verified owner)

    First time purchasing this brand and have to say it’s amazing . This balm is very nourishing.

  4. Debra Rachel Music (verified owner)

    I have been a fan of KhusKhus products for several years now and they just keep getting better. I loved the FIX potion, but RESQ is now my absolute favorite. It is magic; smells divine, nourishes and soothes and protects. 10 stars!

  5. Javan H. (verified owner)

    I have slightly less than 1/4 of this lovely plant potion left and I can honestly say that RESQ did not disappoint. It’s been a beautiful addition to my daily skin regimen and I intend on buying it again (and again). Kudos Khus Khus!

  6. Susan (verified owner)

    Love this product. I live in Colorado where the air is dry. This product keeps my skin moisturized all day.

  7. April (verified owner)

    I have never put anything more beautiful on my face!! I first started with The Fix and fell in love with it, I couldn’t wait to try more from Khus-Khus, so I got the Sans next then ResQ and my mind was blown! The smell, the texture, the feel when applying it to my skin, the way it absorbs and makes my skin feel comforted , glowing and beautiful. It’s absolutely amazing and I will never be without it! Thank you for such a brilliant product ❤️

  8. Kat (verified owner)

    Beautiful stuff, moisturizing without being sticky or oily, skin drinks it in quick without residual product that affects others. Highly recommend RESQ and the other formulas carried.

  9. G (verified owner)

    Beautiful stuff, moisturizing without being sticky or oily, skin drinks it in quick without residual product that affects others. Highly recommend RESQ and the other formulas carried.

  10. Lisa Prather

    10/10! This is one of my most frequently used products from Khus Khus! I was looking for a product with bakuchoil to use as an alternative to retinol. I love how nutrient dense this balm is- all the best ingredients rolled into one. RESQ continues to impress me every time I apply it.

  11. Barb (verified owner)

    The Resq Potion is aptly named – it has rescued my face! My face had been feeling tight and dry and just uncomfortable and this has made all the difference (along with D Drops). I love the rich feel of it and its immediate effect – comfort and regeneration is what it feels like. Will definitely continue using it!

  12. Jordan

    Such a good product!

  13. Aimée Stearns (verified owner)

    Resq to the rescue ! The long cold Vermont winters are no match for this fragrant, nourishing, face cream. My very favorite.

  14. Julia

    I love this moisturizer! It smells wonderful and leaves my skin hydrated. I also feel a warmth on my skin after I apply it. It seems to penetrate the surface of my skin. I love it!

  15. Kelly Thoennes (verified owner)

    I have found the holy grail of moisturizers! I live in the Midwest and dry skin comes with the winters here. Well no more! My face is so hydrated and smooth. A little, I mean very little goes a long ways!

  16. ND (verified owner)

    This is the best moisturizer because it is so hydrating. I love a dewy look, and this accomplishes that. Also, a little goes a long way. I will definitely be repurchasing.

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