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PREMO hand, nail, foot supreme treatment


5.0 (7 reviews)

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CONTAINS these botanical superpowers

mimosa  helichrysum  neroli  wild carrot  CBD extract   calendula Co2   sea buckthorn Co2

An intensive skin repair, soother, healer with exceptional anti-inflammatory properties. With a luscious array of intensely nourishing oils to soothe and protect the skin. Combined with a touch of organic beeswax creating a gentle barrier to protect against irritants, it has excellent antiviral, antibacterial capabilities beneficial in treating dry, damaged skin.

HELICHRYSUM: excellent anti-inflammatory activity, makes an effective skin care treatment where inflamed tissue is present and cells need to be calmed down and cellular regeneration is needed.

MIMOSA: artisan extracted in France, the aroma is described as soft, floral with honey undertones.

WILD CARROT: the depurative property of the oil makes it useful in the treatment of eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, aged skin + wrinkles. Well known as a skin care superpower.

CALENDULA CO2: exceptional wound healing capabilities researchers have concluded that calendula increases the speed of wound healing activity. Reduces skin aging with highly regarded antioxidants that support slowing the aging process.

CBD EXTRACT: provides remarkable skin therapeutics, providing cell proliferation and one of the highest forms of antioxidant protection CBD assist in producing a high level of skin nutrition

Subtle Aromatherapy:  calmness, relaxes nerves and uplifts spirits.

Botanical Therapeutic Actions: anti inflammatory, antioxidant

Use: Apply daily to hands + feet + forearms + cuticles

Additional information

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What\'s in it?

*cocus nucifera(coconut oil unrefined),*orbignya oleifera(babassu seed oil),*cannabis sativa (hemp seed oil),*adansonia digitata(baobab seed oil),*cera alba(beeswax),*citrus aurantium (neroli), +acacia dealbata(mimosa),*helichrysum italicum(helichrysum),*daucus carota(wild carrot),*hippophae rhamnoides(sea buckthorn Co2),*CBD hemp extract,*helianthus annuus (calendula flower extract Co2),*rosemary antioxidant extractNON-GMO certified *denotes organic + sustainably wild harvested



7 reviews for PREMO hand, nail, foot supreme treatment

  1. Katie Wilcox

    I wash my hands a lot at work (nurse) and this is the only thing that works. I also have some joint stiffness and this works wonders. So far KHUS+KHUS is becoming a must in my life.

  2. Kathy Clinton

    This works so well one of the best hand and foot treatment EVER!!

  3. Laura Rob

    I use this at work daily it has been very helpful for my painful arthritis. I love this product.

  4. Amanda Davis


  5. Rachael Moon

    They should change the header to heaven and earth! The primo leaves my hands and feet so soft as well as giving my feet a sense of grounding I can’t help but use it when I go to bed and when I start my day.

  6. Lenonard Williams

    My friend from work told me his wife bought him the PREMO for his hands and feet. When he told me to buy one put it on my feet before I go to bed with socks and see how I feel the next day I took him up on it. Seriously woke up with all my soarness gone and feet feeling like baby’s feet. This is my every day product now!!

  7. Adi Puckett

    Love this product, I’m a nurse practitioner so I wash my hands a lot, My hands literally look different the lines and dryness are gone. When I wake up in the morning after using Premo my hands just look and feel better.

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