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THE FIX face Potion

4.83 (46 reviews)




CONTAINS these botanical superpowers

usnea   elderflower   amla   cannabinoid   prickly pear   amalaki seed oil 

THE FIX FACE POTION is an extraordinary blend of highly potent and unique botanical species. Creating a synergistic blend of powerful and potent herbal allies. Containing Usnea lichen known for containing a vast array of secondary metabolites for a complex and sophisticated botanical synergy of ancient wisdom. This highly antioxidant formula contains essential minerals, flavonoids, and quercetin a polyphenol derived from plants


USNEA | Old world herbalism usnea is definitely an herb, but it’s not a plant! Usnea is a lichen, which is a symbiotic relationship between algae and a funghi. A powerful antimicrobial herb effective against the bacteria that causes acne and promotes rapid cellular healing. Has a tonifying effect on immune function while inhibiting bacterial overgrowth. Ideal for stabilization of the acid mantle.


ELDERFLOWER | this ancient sacred tree its flowers encourages the body to release toxins, highly anti-inflammatory, rich in vitamins, flavonoids and quercetin, and antioxidants a free radical fighter against the sun and environmental toxins. The astringent qualities are helpful in refining the complexion, retexturizing, and reducing the appearance of pores. 


BROAD SPECTRUM zero THC hemp-extracted CBD oil | 225MG this prolific species contains a broad range of chemical compounds. High in antioxidants and adaptogenic capacity. Having profound impacts on our nervous system and inflammatory actions, this creates a positive effect on the aging process by stabilizing metabolic function.


AMALAKI | highly revered in Ayurvedic medicine also known as indian gooseberry extremely high in Vit C with 3000 mg per fruit, considered a nutritive tonic and rejuvenative herb, highly anti-inflammatory known as a rasayana rebuilds and maintains tissues.


PRICKLY PEAR | oil extremely high in Vit E one of the highest forms known in nature, also vastly rich in Vit K known to reduce the appearance of under-eye circles. An antioxidant powerhouse with a high percentage of unsaturated fatty acids. This assists in adding moisture to the collagen in your skin and tighten pores. 

SKIN CHALLENGES |  most skin types:  dry, oily, sensitive, eczema, acne, inflammation, sun-damaged, dark circles 


BOTANICAL THERAPEUTIC ACTIONS | calmative, antioxidant, regulator, skin tonic 






   skin tonic




Additional information

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs



Add a pea-size amount to hand, apply to forehead, chin, cheeks, and neck, spread evenly. morning + night.

Reviews (46)

46 reviews for THE FIX face Potion

  1. Anna

    Obsessed with The Fix-I saw results after the first night of use. My skin was smoother, brighter and so calm. Must have!

  2. Scott B

    Always looking for something to keep my skin smooth and hydrated. The FIX did that and more I started using it in the morning after my shaves and it made my face feel so soft. I then started using it at night before bed to replenish my skin from the daily grind my face goes through and I feel great!

  3. Amanda

    Just when my other 3 Khus+Khus products started getting lonely on my shelf along comes another beautiful addition to keep them company. The FIX is just that it literally makes my face feel silky smooth after every application. It makes my skin feels rejuvenated and the ingredients smell amazing. Please don’t stop making all these amazing products!

  4. Kimberly Gardner (verified owner)

    Disclaimer: the product is 50000000 stars, the packaging is 1 star. I love this potion lotion goodness so much, but the bottle does not work for the product. The first bottle seemed to run out immediately; I opened the top and there was hardly anything left. Turns out I got a bottle that had an air bubble, so Khus Khus was kind enough to send another. This one had plenty of product, but it is too thick to suck up via the pump. It is like having a slush and eventually you can’t suck up anymore. I took the top off and scraped some out with clean wooden popsicle sticks. It works, but it is a pain. I would buy this by the gallon if it came in better packaging. Maybe a squeeze tube? Metal, like some lotions or toothpaste? The product is so lovely though. Not sticky or greasy, super moisturizing and just so lovely. I love it so much, please fix the bottle.

  5. Samantha (verified owner)

    Like no other face product I have used before. The scent is very uplifting and fresh. The serum is dense and a little goes a long way, and even after working outdoors in winter I can still smell the enchanting scent and feel the vitamin C packed plants softening my skin

  6. Maura Coughlin

    This really helps to calm down my red spots and takes care of winter dry spots. Feels and smells great too!

  7. Ann (verified owner)

    I love The Fix so much. It smells so good and keeps my face smooth and hydrated. It works remarkably well under or over makeup – I particularly like how it smooths out any cakiness from the concealer I wear to cover under-eye circles. My only concern is that the product gets stuck in the bottle towards the end and it is hard to get out through the pump when it is running low.

  8. Veronica

    This truly is a potion that fixes any imperfections you may have. It has evened out my skin tone while brightening it even in the drier months. What more could you ask for? Also, my husband is obsessed with how it smells on me… a major plus! I hope it’s back in stock soon!

  9. Jennifer Meleady

    I love this serum! It’s corrected a number of issues i have had going on with my skin! Crows feet, dryness, breakouts, redness. My skin looks the beat it ever has! My only complaint is the bottle. It Makes it challenging to use product once it gets low.

  10. Linda Depina (verified owner)

    This product is amazing! I have used many skincare brands in my 64 years and the SansAge and The Fix are my holy grail duo.

  11. Laura L (verified owner)

    First thing I noticed was the exhilarant smell of the product. The consistency of the product is creamy and melts into my skin. I can feel and hear my skin saying “aww, thank you” after I have applied it. I love the integrity of Khus+Khus and feel good about what I am putting on my skin. My only suggestion is finding a better dispenser for the smaller 10ml, I purchased two separate bottles and I was unable to get any of the product out of either pumps. Thit did not stop me from enjoying this beautiful product.

  12. Beth

    Such a rich, soothing consistency that’s helping my skin stay balanced and moisturized in the dry Colorado climate. Incredible smell!

  13. Kelly Goddeyne

    I have a friend that gave this product (The Fix) to me as a gift for the holidays and I am beyond pleased, grateful and in love with it. I habe been using this every day and my skin loves it and the look and feel of my skin has improved so much. This is a product that i will be buying before it’s gone bc i can’t imagine running out. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness in the creation of The Fix.

  14. Melanie Damuth (verified owner)

    I love, love, love this serum!! This serum really stands out because every other CBD serum I’ve tried is an oil, this is a creamier, non-oily texture that plays much nicer with my combination skin. This helped unify the texture of my skin and the scent is to die for, even without added fragrance. To top it all off Khus-Khus’ customer service is top notch and any question you have, you will get a friendly response with answer to quickly.

  15. Sandy

    A wonderful friend sent me this (along with hydrolat and sen serum) as a gift. I think she knew that I rarely spent this much on skin care. I am now a true believer. I enjoyed the scent and texture and immediately saw a great improvement in my extremely dry skin. But I only realized that this had become my Holy Grail product when I was almost out of the full size jar. I decided to save what was left to use for “emergencies.” I substituted several other emollient natural
    face products containing CBD that I had enjoyed in the the past and still had product left. I told myself I should use those up before ordering a new bottle of The Fix. However nothing worked anywhere near as well. I am hooked. The Fix has a unique, amazing effect on my facial skin. As I ran low on this I began to use it more sparingly and realized I probably had been using more than I needed. A little goes a long way. I am definitely ordering this again now.

  16. Coleen

    This is quite a lovely formula. The first time I’m using Khus Khus based on a recommendation from my aesthetician, and the potion is one of the few things that locks in moisture during harsh and dry winter conditions in New York.

  17. Rebecca Wendfeldt

    Face Fix Potion is FANTASTIC! I love this product for multiple reasons. The first is it is calming and soothing. Even the aroma smells calming. It is fluid yet moisturizing. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and protected. I was drawn to it because of the clean beauty ingredients for soothing the skin. I saw a reduction in redness and irritation, around my nose and chin, the first day and continue to see improvements daily. It makes my skin happy!

  18. T Smith (verified owner)

    ONE OF A KIND. There is a reason is is called a “potion.”

  19. T Smith (verified owner)

    ONE OF A KIND. There is a reason this is called a “potion.”

  20. Aimee

    Gorgeous product, awful packaging. It was love at first try with The Fix. The scent, the moisture, the glow—my skin was obsessed. But less than two weeks later and I couldn’t get any of it out of the bottle. The pump sucked and I had to use various small utensils to get the rest of it out. Assumed it was a “one and done” issue but my second bottle is also not working out for me, pump-wise. Too much work for the price. Will buy again if the packaging ever updates to something more user-friendly.

  21. Emily (verified owner)

    So let me tell you…my routine w KHUS KHUS and only KHUS KHUS except my cleanser and a balm I own is this: I cleanse, spray my face w the detox hydrolant, then I sparingly put on the sans age serum followed by the detox. After that I will finish with this potion right here or when I feel like I need intense hydration I put the RASA on! I’ll get to that later 😉 The smell of the fix is intoxicating. I couldn’t believe this was all natural with how beautiful is smelt. I used the oils and spray for a few weeks then introduced this to avoid any reactions. After one week of introducing this my face is glowing, acne is healing even more so and overall complexion is balanced. The name of this potion is well deserved!

  22. Jen Stock

    The FIX is my skin fix, the perfect formulation for my skin, sincerely grateful to have discovered it! The smell & texture is an added bonus.

  23. Vidhya (verified owner)

    I am addicted to The Fix. The smell is so intoxicating and relaxing. This product is very effective and helped clear my breakouts. My skin looks gorgeous after I use it. I love it and I highly recommend this product. I am hoping that Khus-Khus will make a cleanser and body cream with the same smell!!!!

  24. Debra Rachel (verified owner)

    I. LOVE. THIS. PRODUCT. I am a sailor, and as such, I subject my face to copious amounts of sunscreen and harsh reflected sunrays and wind. This formulations heals my skin like nothing else after being on the water. It is soothing, calming, deeply hydrating and never ever causes clogged pores or any kind of breakout. The smell and texture are both gorgeous. I recommend this product to everyone I know!

  25. Tam (verified owner)

    I will be ordering the Fix face potion again. My skin is dry and this is so moisturizing. I use such a small amount to cover my entire face. I use this product atop the face serums. My lines (over 50) are less noticeable to be sure.

  26. tricia.fleischer (verified owner)

    I use this only at night (after I apply a hydrolat) as I find it a little too heavy for day use since I tend to have skin on the oilier side. This absolutely calms my skin. I tend to have a rosacea-like inflammatory reaction to foods that I’m trying to figure out, and my face won’t flare up when I use this! I’ve also noticed that if I have a little too much sun or wind exposure (I’m outside a lot), it’s like it never happened by the next day. It’s amazing. The scent is really light, natural and just lovely to fall asleep to.

  27. Jen (verified owner)

    Great face cream, a little rich for summertime here in hawaii but I do love it. My skin sucks it up and the smell is divine and even though it is so rich my skin does not breakout from it. Love it

  28. Jen (verified owner)

    Great face cream, a little rich for summertime here in hawaii but I do love it. My skin sucks it up and the smell is divine and even though it is so rich my skin does not breakout from it. Love it

  29. Julio

    I have tried many of the best balms on the market like Mahalo, Leahlani, Jane Scrivner or De Mamiel and The Fix Face Potion is clearly superior to all the others. I only use The Fix. From the first application my skin experienced nutrition, comfort, tone and luminosity and a re-pumpled effect that none of the above, (perhaps with the exception of De mamiel’s Skin Recovery Blend), provides me. I just bought it and am already thinking about buying another. Excellent.

  30. Kathy (verified owner)

    While i am obsessed with these products in general, the Fix stands out as the leader of the pack. The smell is invigorating and what it does to hour skin …i could write and describe but you really gave to see for yourself. No other skin cream like it.

  31. Rheanna Henney (verified owner)

    Did the formula change? It used to be a bit more thick and less cream like? Or did I get a bad batch? I loved the old one, but I am scared to use the new one.

    • Kristi Blustein (store manager)


      No, we haven’t changed the formula, it could be a batch of the butter’s were thicker than usual, modifications in ingredients do happen sometimes with our vendors, but for sure we have not changed the formula.

      It’s totally safe to use.

  32. Stephanie (verified owner)

    I don’t think I’ve ever loved a skincare product so passionately. I use this day and night (over the Sans Age serum) and my skin has never looked or felt better. I used to wear a tinted moisturizer, but after using the Fix for just a few weeks, I no longer feel the need for any makeup at all. I just turned 50, and feel better about my skin than I have in years. I’ve just ordered my second jar! Grateful to have found this skincare line. This is the real thing! Try it.

  33. Laureen J (verified owner)

    I tired this for the first time after purchasing the sample face set. This face cream is perfect for cold winters in Canada. Loved how my skin looked & felt just after a few days of using it. I am becoming a huge fan of this brand. Can’t wait to try out more products. Loving everything so far.

  34. Julia (verified owner)

    This is amazing! It soaks into my skin leaving it feeling soft and hydrated. One of the best moisturizers I’ve ever used!

  35. Sara

    I LOVE The Fix. It’s so soothing, smells incredible, helps my acne heal, and creates a nice base for sunscreen. When I travel it’s the only skincare product I take. It replaces my serums. I hope they never stop making it, I love it so much.

  36. Shiloh Decker (verified owner)

    The Fix is amazing! You have to have it!

  37. Lisa Caldwell (verified owner)

    I’ve used a ton of different skincare products over the years but none compare with The Fix! It leaves my skin soft and well hydrated! Definitely a keeper!

  38. Marisa

    This is a great product, from its lovely scent to its efficacy on the skin. Take note, a little goes a long way. When using this as an overnight treatment, my skin looked visibly more vibrant in the a.m.

  39. Yi-Yun (verified owner)

    Best face cream I have ever used. I waited a month to try out before leaving this review. I use it as a night cream, mix a bit of aloe vera gel to make it spread more easily. My skin looks noticeably smoother with less breakouts, and my colleague says I have a healthy glow! Plus the scent is uplifting and grounding, simply beautiful. Thank you for putting so much care into making wonderful clean products that effectively nourish the skin, without need for using fillers and synthetic preservatives!

  40. Yi-Yun (verified owner)

    I waited a month to try out before leaving this review. I use it as a night cream, mix a bit of aloe vera gel to make it spread more easily. My skin looks noticeably smoother with less breakouts, and my colleague says I have a healthy glow! Plus the scent is uplifting and grounding, simply beautiful. Thank you for putting so much care into making wonderful clean products that effectively nourish the skin, without need for using fillers and synthetic preservatives!

  41. V (verified owner)

    There is just nothing better than this. Best quality food for my skin.

  42. Rachelle (verified owner)

    I have extremely dry skin with acne. This has done wonders for my skin. It nourishes my skin while helping with my acne . Love this!

  43. Stephanie (verified owner)

    The Fix is the most luxurious, nourishing, and effective face cream I have ever used. It smells delightful to me and seeps deep into my skin leaving it feeling so fabulous. I’m love all your products, but this one is the tops. Thank you!

  44. Tautulah

    I’m a mum of three and always on the go. This product is one of those a little goes a long way/ minimal face routine vibes. Super great for under eye treatment for those bags. Great for my hormonal acne at bay. Makes skin look healthy. My skin type is combination/hyperpigmentation/dull/dry/scarring. I love to use a simple 3step which is the cleansing milk then Sen Serum then this The Fix Face Potion. Don’t forget to use the Mother Pucker on your lips it’s the best with a subtle tint. Love this transparent company will purchase again.

  45. Susan (verified owner)

    Great product. Lots of moisture with no breakouts. Skin feels great!

  46. Genny Mott (verified owner)

    Luis-khus products have truly helped my dry sensitive skin, love each and every product I’ve tried! My daughter has acne prone, reactive skin and she loved this as well. Highly recommend!

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