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BLEU body wax


5.0 (26 reviews)


CONTAINS these botanical superstars

monoi de tahiti   blue tansy   blue yarrow   marula   baobab   babassu

BLUE TANSY: well known for its vivid blue color created by its azulene content which assists in its strong anti­-inflammatory abilities.

BLUE YAROW: highly prized for its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties which contribute to its great affinity with skin problems. Soothing irritated skin, ideal for eczema and sensitive skin.

BAOBAB: high in vitamins A, E, and F and high in sterols making it an excellent skin therapeutic oil. We love it for its ability to absorb into the skin quickly.

BABASSU: is a very emollient oil that quickly absorbs nicely into the skin. It provides a protective barrier against environmental pollution, due to its high antioxidant content.

Marula oil: this extremely high omega-rich oil has been revered by African women for centuries, highly regarded for its high levels of antioxidants making it a natural skin protectant of free radicals.

Botanical Therapeutic Actions: antioxidant, anti inflammatory, tonic, nerivine

Subtle aromatherapy: releasing of stagnant Qi, increasing the flow of prana.


                               skin tonic             antioxidant            lymph mover             soothing

Use: Apply liberally to body, long strokes, preferably toward the heart to stimulate lymph movement. Can also be reapplied throughout the day to receive aromatherapy therapeutic benefits as well as smelling amazing. A little goes a long way.

Additional information

Weight 0.417 lbs

30ml, 200ml

What's in it?

*cocos nucifera (coconut oil),*orbignya oleifera (babassu seed oil), *adansonia digitata (baobab seed oil), +sclerocarya birrea (marula oil), *camellia oleifera (camellia), *tanacetum annuum (blue tansy),*achillea millefolium (blue yarrow),+gardenia tahitensis (tiare flower),*cera alba (beeswax), vitamin E oil mixed tocopherols non-gmo sourced

*denotes organic + sustainably wild harvestedcruelty-free, NON­-GMO certified ingredients, 100% plant based


200ml/6.7oz   30ml/1oz

26 reviews for BLEU body wax

  1. Katie

    Will absolutely never be without it. It has a beautiful calming floral scent and melts easily on contact. I purchased a backup to make sure I never run out. Hands down my favorite purchase of 2017.

  2. Melissa

    I’ve never experienced something like this before! This has a deeply intoxicating tropical floral note, and the texture of the wax is very soft and pliable. My skin has also never felt so protected! LOVE!

  3. Mary Thompsom-Smith

    BEST body product EVER!! I can’t live without, everyone must try!!!

  4. Cassie Dercheck

    BEST BODY PRODUCT EVER! I will keep a supply at all times.

  5. Lexy Strength

    The best body product in green beauty hands down.

  6. Christine Gross

    I love every single product from KHUS+KHUS but this is my favorite wax! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Can’t say enough about there isn’t a body product in green beauty like this!

  7. Devon Roy

    Absolutely love this body wax, it’s extremely hydrating. My skin has never been softer! Definitely worth the price tag, and love knowing that it’s a clean product.

  8. Chrisy Wesley

    Best body product overhangs down!!!

  9. Jessica Jackson

    This is amaazzzing I bought at Credo love the smell my favorite body product..

  10. Samatha Gordon

    I love this product but it will melt left mine in my gym bag in the care, but it went right back at normal temps. zi did spill some of it, but I love the smell and it has a nice texture.

  11. Tonie Minsal

    Unbelievable. I purchased the small size in the Bleu Sample Set, and ordered the large size a few days later. I have been using it as a facial cleanser. Smells incredible, sinks right in, and is extremely soothing. Really calms my skin down. Super happy with my purchase, and Jennifer is a real doll to deal with.

  12. Megan (verified owner)

    As others have mentioned, this is THE BEST. Gorgeous product with an amazing scent. I apply it each night to my decolletage and it’s such a serene nightly ritual. My husband refers to it as “Khus-ing” and it’s now our custom that I rub it into his hands before bed each night. 🙂 I will never be without this product!

  13. Olivia

    The body waxes are truly something special. This Bleu Body Wax is my first and won’t be my last! It’s easy to scoop product out of the jar, and even easier to spread the product. The product sinks surprisingly well into the skin–you don’t need much. I prefer a “heavier” feel to my body products, so I massage a generous amount in order to keep that emollient feel. The scent is light and present, but not intrusive, which is exactly what I look for in a body product. I also don’t typically like the scent of blue tansy, but in this, it comes off as sophisticated and well-nuanced with the other ingredients.

  14. Tiamat Gustafson (verified owner)

    I use the BLEU wax in the winter and the KAMA wax in the spring/summer for diy lymphatic massages after I get out of the shower. They really are just stunning products and the overall experience is luxurious. The texture is thick upon application and then melts into the skin. BLEU is my personal favorite winter scent to layer with other KHUS + KHUS products

  15. Alek S

    I had the opportunity to try this body wax a year ago. Ever since I had tried other brands and I still think about this one and miss it. This says a lot about how good this product is. It is on my repurchase list. The Blue tansy scent is prominent but not heavy, it is so relaxing and the effects are incredible. I used it mixed together with a light lotion or aloe gel…Such a divine feeling, very moisturizing…equivalent to a spa moment . I tried to use it on a damp skin after shower and that worked too, but my preference is mixed in with aloe gel. Talking about unconventional use of products and the diversity of Bleu Body Wax- because of the ingredients, I also tried to use it as a morning cleanser during winter months. I truly loved it.

  16. Laura

    I got this in my beauty heroes box a long while back. I’ve long since used it up, and i’ve got so many other products from Khus-Khus that I’m trying, but my next purchase will be to stock back up on this beautiful product. I can’t say enough good things about it.

  17. Tonie Minsal

    On my second jar of this. So lovely in every respect. I love the texture, how light it is, and I love the essential oil combo. My favorite way to use this product is as a facial massage oil and cleanser. It rocks to use it in the bath as well! Will continue to purchase!💙💙💙

  18. Janine Viret

    Worked miracles on my dry skin patches. Elbow and arms healed after a week and I continue to use the wax in conjunction with massage every morning to wake me up and keep my skin soft and moisturized
    Smells divine!

  19. Kali

    The ULTIMATE body product!!! Highly addictive & intoxicating scent! Blissful & hypnotic! I can not be without it! Obsessed!!!

  20. Olga (verified owner)

    I already went through 2 big jars of this stuff and I keep coming back to this incredible body butter. I discovered this brand few years ago when they were in one of the beauty-heroes box and I stay in love ever since. This butter leaves skin very soft especially if you sealed it with a moisturizer. I also used it during pregnancy because it has marula oil it helped me to prevent stretch marks and I happy to report I have not gotten even one stretch mark.

  21. Aditi

    I absolutely love this body wax! This is ridiculously soothing, fortifying and gentle on my skin! When my skin is out of balance (and sometimes during seasonal changes), I can get patches of eczema – I love to use this body wax not only all over my body but on spots of eczema! It takes it away so fast! Also great for cuts, bug bites, as an intensive lip treatment and a luxe treatment for my brows and lashes I have found! So many multiple uses for this exceptional product! Can’t wait to reorder this!

  22. Stephanie (verified owner)

    Loved the whole experience of this product. The smell is amazing and it leaves your skin calm and hydrated. Definitely a repurchase!

  23. Nicola (verified owner)

    Really love this wax and the worship oil. The scent is intoxicating. Can’t wait to try the CBD version.

  24. Barbie (verified owner)

    Best body oil , love it so much !

  25. sabine (verified owner)

    The most incredible scent, texture, ingredients. I really can’t sing this products praises enough.

  26. Deanna Hostler (verified owner)

    I love a few Khus + Khus products, but I absolutely adore this body wax. It feels luxurious and the smell is so soothing. A little goes a long way and I appreciate the fact that it’s a natural product.

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