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PREMO | the ultimate summertime skin protector

Welcome back, summer! Oh, how we have missed you.  Well, maybe parts of you. 

We are well aware of all the summertime outdoor activities that get us closer to nature, and ultimately the sun. Vitamin D is critical for your bone health and is an important vitamin to have in your lifestyle. 

While it’s great to achieve a nice tan and receive a boost of endorphins that the sun provides, the detrimental effects of the sun can leave us burnt. 

Well have no fear, KHUS + KHUS has a product to help achieve glowing skin, even if you have been in the sun too long and your skin is in need of some TLC from your summertime fun.

PREMO | hand nail foot treatment contains some extraordinary ingredients that can help protect your skin while you enjoy your favorite outdoor activities.

This product contains some extremely nourishing oils, like baobab seed oil and babassu oil, that can soothe and protect the skin. Babassu oil also can help provide an external barrier on the skin to help decrease the amount of pollutants that can enter the skin and into one’s body.

Helichrysum essential oil is the holy grail of oils when it comes to healing the skin.  This essential oil can help inflamed tissues and increase cell regeneration where you may have gotten a bit too much sun. Its cooling effect also calms inflamed and burnt skin which is an added bonus when dealing with the heat of summer.

Calendula essential oil has been studied extensively and has been found to help speed up wound healing.  Which is a great ingredient to use if you have been hiking too much and may have a blister from not breaking in your boots before your big hike. It also contains high anti-inflammatory properties which is essential for skin that is inflamed from blisters and sunburn.

Wild carrot seed essential oil, or as we like to call it, a skincare superpower; has antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties which makes this an amazing addition to the PREMO. These properties help the skin stay in balance by fighting off any external factors, such as pollution, that we come into contact daily. This, combined with its high moisturizing effect, make it an ideal ingredient for skin that needs some help repairing from the extracurriculars that keep us in the sun.

The PREMO |  hand nail foot treatment will be your saving grace this summer through its intensive skin repair and healing properties. Cracked and dull skin will be revived by the soothing nature and will allow you to take on longer hiking trails and more camping trips.


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