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The art of alchemy has intrigued minds for centuries. This ancient practice, shrouded in mystique, aimed at transforming base materials into gold. But what if we told you that in the heart of nature lies a different alchemy? An alchemy where raw botanical treasures metamorphose into liquid gold for your skin.

At KHUS+KHUS, we celebrate this sublime union of nature’s magic and modern wisdom. Dive into the realm of plant alchemy with us, where raw ingredients become skincare elixirs, ready to enchant your skin with their modern herbal fusion.

HEMP BUTTER: nature’s deep moisturizer

From the heart of the hemp plant emerges a butter, rich and deeply nourishing. When applied, its fatty acids seep into the skin’s layers, hydrating and locking in moisture, making your skin feel as soft as the first light of dawn.

 PRICKLY PEAR OIL: desert’s dew

Imagine the resilience of the prickly pear, thriving in arid landscapes. Its oil is a testament to its strength, endowed with Vitamin E and fatty acids that brighten and tighten, making your skin feel like it’s been kissed by the desert sun.

 SEA BUCKTHORN: coastal elixir

This coastal gem is a reservoir of Omega 7, a rarity in the plant kingdom. Its golden drops rejuvenate and promote skin elasticity, echoing the vibrant energy of crashing waves.


Squalane, derived from olives, feels like liquid silk. It mirrors our skin’s natural oils, replenishing and balancing, making every application feel like a harmonious dance of nature and self.

 ORGANIC AMLA OIL: the age-old radiance

In the annals of Ayurveda, Amla holds a revered place. This organic oil, rich in Vitamin C, is a radiant potion, brightening the skin, making you feel like age-old secrets have whispered their tales to you.

 ORGANIC HEMP SEED OIL: the green nectar

Rich in Omega fatty acids, this green nectar revitalizes, giving the skin a supple feel, almost like the freshness of early morning meadows.

 SANDALWOOD: earth’s aromatic essence

Sandalwood, with its earthy aroma, soothes and calms, its essence permeating deeply, making the skin feel like it’s been embraced by ancient forests.

 ROSE: the petal’s whisper

The timeless allure of the rose is captured in its oil. A potent hydrator, it softens and refreshes, making your skin bloom like the first blush of dawn.

TURMERIC: the golden goddess

Turmeric, the golden goddess of herbs, with its curcumin magic, brightens and evens skin tone, making every touch feel like a sunlit embrace.

 CHAGA & REISHI MUSHROOMS: forest’s healing embrace

These mystical mushrooms, revered for ages, carry antioxidants and beta-glucans. They protect and hydrate, making the skin feel enwrapped in the forest’s healing embrace.


The heart of our modern herbal fusion lies in the intricate dance of transforming these raw, potent ingredients into elixirs. Through cold-pressing, steam distillation, and gentle infusions, we retain the very soul of these botanicals. The result? Potions that are as efficacious as they are enchanting.

Concluding with Nature’s Symphony

Imagine, for a moment, a symphony, where each note, each chord, is a botanical treasure. As you apply our KHUS+KHUS formulations, you’re not just experiencing skincare; you’re immersing in nature’s symphony, one where every drop sings tales of raw ingredients transformed into elixirs.

Join us in this transformative journey at KHUS+KHUS. Let the magic of plant alchemy enchant your senses, and let your skin resonate with nature’s harmonious notes.

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