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Our Story

A fifteen-year journey from toxic to natural started an evolution of conscious living.
By choosing + using natural organic products health + healing soon transpired. Simple actions can create health + vitality I soon learned.

This evolution developed into a quest for knowledge, especially about our botanical friends. A formal education in Ayurvedic medicine, Yogic + Vedic Science, Eastern + Western herbalism as well as extensive studies in aromatherapy soon transpired.

Thousands of hours formulating + working with clients through the practice of herbalism + ayurvedic medicine taught me that lifestyle shifts make a tremendous impact on our health. Going organic in all aspects of life has a tremendous healing + vibration effects on our bodies + minds.

One of the beneficial daily lifestyle treatments in Ayurveda is called abhyanga, a herbal infused oil applied to the body in a daily self-massage assist in preventing + healing illnesses. One must use the highest quality vibrational oils + essential oils, anything less need not apply. I created these body serums + face serums + body wax + body polish, for you not only for healthy, vibrant skin but also for energetic healing + health. You can benefit from the healing powers of our botanical friends without the toxic additions. Let's face it our cells communicate with one another and the synergy between us + plants is undeniable, so let nature do the communicating and you will see the benefits. Nature contains a synergy of healing that cannot be produced by a lab. We were meant to be in connection with plants they heal us.

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