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Nature’s Night-time Magic: THE POPPY Hypnotic Tea Blend

When the tapestry of day folds into the mysteries of night, a hushed enchantment drifts across the land. At the heart of this nocturnal serenity is KHUS+KHUS’s magical potion: THE POPPY hypnotic tea blend. A marriage of age-old botanical wisdom and contemporary elegance, it promises not just restful sleep, but a dawn where skin radiates the luminescence of the moon.

Journey with us into the heart of THE POPPY blend, where every sip is an ode to tranquility, and every morning, a revelation of nature’s brilliance.


THE POPPY: The Night’s Elixir

Expertly crafted with intention and understanding, THE POPPY is not just a tea—it’s a nightly ritual. This aromatic blend:

  • Whispers of Sleep: The fusion of hand-picked herbs lulls the mind into deep serenity, paving the way for dream-filled slumbers.
  • Blesses the Skin: A holistic approach ensures that while the psyche rests, the skin rejuvenates, emerging radiant with dawn’s first light.


Unveiling the Herbal Alchemy of THE POPPY:

Discover the potent herbs that harmoniously unite within THE POPPY, revealing their nighttime secrets.

  • CALIFORNIA POPPY: Known for its calming properties, this gentle herb invites the mind into restful realms while aiding in skin detoxification.
  • ELEUTHERO: Often referred to as the Siberian Ginseng, it not only enhances the quality of sleep but also battles environmental stressors that the skin encounters.
  • WILD LETTUCE: Its sedative qualities ensure profound, undisturbed sleep, while its skin benefits address redness and inflammation.
  • SKULLCAP: Renowned for its ability to relieve anxiety and insomnia, it also offers antioxidant properties that enhance skin health.
  • LEMON BALM: A calming herb, lemon balm not only soothes the nervous system but also imparts a fresh glow to the skin, thanks to its rich antioxidant content.


Savoring THE POPPY Experience

Brewing THE POPPY is akin to invoking the night’s blessings. As the aroma captivates, the blend’s taste envelops the senses, and by dawn, the effects—deep, rejuvenating sleep paired with vibrant skin—are beautifully palpable.

In the Glow of Starlight: Embracing THE POPPY’s Magic

As the night unfurls its splendors and shadows dance, there, gleaming like a beacon, is THE POPPY hypnotic tea blend. With KHUS+KHUS, every evening is transformed into a rendezvous with botanical treasures, and every dawn bears testimony to nature’s profound wonders.

Immerse in the nightly ritual, sip on the enchantment, and awaken to tales spun by stars, moon, and THE POPPY’s embrace. 

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