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A Kama-tary on Kama Body Wax

Before working at KHUS+KHUS, I only really ever used synthetically smelling lotions on my body.  Back in the early 2000’s, almost everyone did.  I used to buy lotions that had the strongest ‘flower’ aroma and paired that with another ‘flower’ perfume just because that is what I thought I was supposed to do.  I never thought of using something else because that is just what I grew up using and what everyone I knew used.  I remember countless times going into Bath and Body stores and being bombarded by so many different smells that I would get headaches from being in those stores too long.  But you can bet that I still found myself buying those products…I never branched out and tried to find something that may be better for my body and my overall well-being and instead stuck it out with lotions with ingredients I couldn’t even say with smells that were obviously chemically made.  

It really was such an eye-opening experience moving to Colorado and working at KHUS+KHUS.  I remember my first day going into the studio and smelling what a room without any chemically-made smells actually smelled like.  I know that’s weird to say, but can you even really think of a time that some sort of chemically created aroma didn’t surround you?  It’s a strange thing to think about but is something that should be at the forefront of our minds.   

Okay. back to the products…At KHUS+KHUS I spend a lot of my time creating the products that you all love so much.  Kristi has refined each of these products through much trial and error until she came up with the perfect blend of body care and ingredients that both help from within as well as help your skin. That is why I decided to write this post about my experience switching from lotions to a KHUS+KHUS body wax.

From working with all the body waxes I decided to try the Kama.  The red mandarin mixed with sandalwood and jasmine definitely stuck out to me and I was really excited to try and write down my experience for all of you!

I usually shower at night, which I thought was the perfect time to use the body wax before I headed to bed.  I followed the guidelines of Ayurveda self-massage “Abhyanga”.  The definition of Abhyanga is essentially oil massage.  The directions given with each order follow in line with Abhyanga and the specific practices to achieve the best experience.

While I was warming up the wax in my hands I could feel myself becoming more relaxed as I was smelling the aroma from the melting oils.  While it is very natural and aromatically pleasing, the benefits are much more than just that.  For my legs and arms, I used long strokes and always massaged the oil towards my heart.  I could actually feel my muscles relax as I was massaging the Kama Body Wax in.  My skin also absorbed the oils so quickly that the body wax doesn’t leave you oily at all!

While my body did thank me for the self-massage, the body wax has so many more benefits that are more than just skin deep.  Since I used it right before bed, I was able to enjoy the aroma of the oils while I was falling asleep.  Jasmine has been proven to be soothing and also support healthy blood flow.  Sandalwood has a calming and relaxing effect on the body and mind and is believed to improve mental clarity.  Red Mandarin improves the circulation of blood and lymph and relieves stress.  I could tell that my body relaxed and my mind became freer, instead of being bogged down by the numerous tasks I didn’t do that day.  All of the benefits of the essential oils combined with the practices of Abhyanga really create an amazing experience for your mind, body, and your soul.  I have definitely felt a difference in my skin after using Kama Body Wax for the past 5 days.  My skin has become smoother, but something more impressive is my overall well-being while I have been using this product.  I have felt calmer and more relaxed while I have the body wax on and am able to experience the aroma throughout the day.  

It has been 5 days since I started using Kama Body Wax and I don’t think I’ll ever want to go back to my old ways.  

Jennifer Wildes

KHUS+KHUS modern herbal fusion


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