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How To Care For Your KHUS+KHUS

You finally found the perfect skincare routine that keeps your skin balanced and looking dewy – is there anything better? Well we hate to break it to you, but your products can lose efficiency over time due to things you may be doing daily.  Your skincare products need a little help to stay rich and potent so they can deliver the best possible results.   Below are the 4 main no-no’s when it comes to keeping your products fresh and safe to use! 

Avoid high temperatures

Most skincare products are created around room temperature and do best in this climate.  When a product is exposed to high temperatures, this can affect the consistency and structural integrity of the whole product.  For example, our THE GOLDEN MILK cleanser is a cream-based product that involves an emulsion of oils and natural acids.  When this product is created, it starts off in a liquid state and hardens over time. When this product is exposed to heat consistently, it can cause the binding agents of the acids to break down and lose their ability to harden up again.  The best place to store your products is in a drawer that does not see the fluctuation of temperature as it would if on a shelf. 

Avoid sunlight

When products are left in the sun, this can break down the molecules of the ingredients and can cause spoilage and bacteria to grow if not stored in the best container.  At KHUS + KHUS we purposely use Miron glass that is opaque to help with this issue.  Since our containers are not see-through, it does limit the amount of sun exposure that can reach the actual ingredients.  But it is still always best to keep them out of direct sunlight to preserve the quality of the ingredients inside.

Avoid excess physical contact

If we can limit the amount of times our fingers physically touch the inside of the containers, this is the best option. When we stick our fingers inside a product, we are leaving everything that is on our hands behind: whether that be water or bacteria.  But of course, some products, such as our face and body potions, require you to scoop out the product that is used each time.  A way to preserve the efficacy would be to make sure your hands are clean and fully dry before reaching in.  The best option would be to use a spatula or spoon, rather than your hands.  

Avoid moisture 

This may be the most important rule. When water droplets or steam from your bathroom find its way into products, this is a recipe for disaster. Bacteria and other harmful microorganisms thrive in humid environments and we don’t want that to be in your skincare products! While the majority of us use our bathrooms to store our products, this is one of the worst places for them to be.  Bathrooms are full of moisture and water that can really affect the longevity of your products.  And please please PLEASE don’t bring them into the shower. Leaving them outside of the bathroom and in your bedroom is the best option, but a drawer instead of on your counter is favorable.  

These no-no’s are easy to modify in your skincare routine.  It’s as easy as keeping your products in a more suitable location and making sure your hands are clean before you start lathering on your products, which they should be anyways! By implementing these small changes, you will notice that your skincare products will stay as effective as the day you brought them into your routine.  Now that your routine is perfected, it’s time to keep your skincare products in perfect condition to assist you in balance for the long haul. 

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