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Helichrysum: Is there anything this plant can’t fix?

Helichrysum: WTF can’t this plant do? Should be the title

Many of the essential oils used in our products at KHUS + KHUS have amazing health benefits, and its time Helichrysum gets the spotlight it deserves.  Helichrysum is found in the Bleu body serum, Premo hand, nail, and foot treatment, and the Sans Age face serum. It’s no wonder these are some of our best sellers with an essential oil that has a copious amount of benefits!  

Helichrysum essential oil comes from the flowers of the plant.  If you don’t know what the plant looks like, I would recommend looking it up, it is such a vibrant flower!  The name Helichrysum comes from Latin roots meaning gold spiral, which perfectly describes the appearance and exemplifies the benefits found within it.

In traditional medicine, Helichrysum was used to help all sorts of ailments in multiple cultures.  Some reports even say that the Helichrysum flowers were offered to Greek Gods because of all the benefits it possesses (and maybe because of the appearance- but that’s just my guess).  The Helichrysum flowers are sometimes referred to as the Everlasting Flower or Immortelle, perhaps because it has been an essential oil used for centuries. Because of its reputation, Helichrysum has been widely researched in modern society to see if these medicinal properties that were believed back then are actually true.  Fortunately for all of us looking towards holistic healing, they are!

While the healing benefits are vast, I am only going to talk about the ones that you can achieve topically because you need to be careful when ingesting essential oils due to the potency of each drop.



Helichrysum is a wonderful essential oil because of its ability to fight infections.  Being an antibacterial/antifungal means that it is able to kill bacteria on the skin. This makes it a perfect essential oil to use in face and body products because of its ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria on one’s person.



Helichrysum’s ability to calm down the skin and reduce the amount of swelling and redness is the main reason why this essential oil is paramount. Being an anti-inflammatory also means this essential oil can be used to reduce pain in one’s body.  Whether it’s a headache or sore muscles, you can use Helichrysum to help soothe that pain. This occurs because when Helichrysum is applied, it lowers the swelling one has and improves circulation within the body. This then supports the healing of one’s nerves and joints and diminishes the pain.   


Acne Fighter

Since it is an antibacterial, Helichrysum is a great essential oil for fighting acne.  It also does so without drying out one’s skin, unlike other products that are full of chemicals.  This, combined with all its other qualities allows for this essential oil to reduce swelling, kill the bacteria that is on your skin so as to stop an infection, and leave your skin glowing!


Combine all the benefits above plus a dozen more that I didn’t even cover and you can see why Helichrysum needs to be apart of your life.  You don’t need a million products to achieve balance; you need a few that are formulated well that you receive the benefits in a way that won’t confuse your body.




Jennifer Wildes

Newbie Clean Beauty Convert


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