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Fall is a special time of year as we move from the fire and water element of Pitta to the air and ether element of Vata.

We shift from hot and wet, to dry and cool.  This creates changes in our skin requiring us to adjust to this new elemental play of nature.

Oiling the body is the recommended course of action as per Ayurvedic protocols for Fall. Oil is heavy and dense, it brings the cool dry air into equilibrium bringing vata dosha into balance. Ayurvedic medicine uses opposite actions to bring the air and ether into a balanced state.

Keeping the body hydrated and using herbal infused oils daily is one of the primary ways to prevent the body from entering into a depletion stage. If we move into this phase it can lead to systemic dryness, joint fatigue, and on a mental emotional level, irritation, insomnia, and lack of focus.

Through the wisdom contained within our herbal allies, we find the support we need to stabilize the body. They are sentient beings and are our symbiotic connection to nature. They support our communion with the Universe.

Botanicals are the activated ingredients of the Earth. Charged with life force energy. They are the elemental make up of the manifestation of health, wellbeing, and balance.

Our purpose from inception has been to offer products that are pure unadulterated life force energy. Our goal is to have you experience the essence and vibration of nature on a deep level in your life.

They whisper their wisdom with love and heal our bodies and minds by communicating the energy contained in nature.

They are so powerful they can change the way you view yourself in connection with the Universe.

We preach it, because we believe it.

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