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Dry brushing has been around for centuries–originating in India as a pillar in Ayurvedic medicine. Dry brushing is a practice of using a natural bristled brush and brushing the skin in long soft strokes; a massage of the body. Brushing always towards the heart gives the body some extra help with lymph drainage.

The benefits of this practice have been studied and examined extensively and below are some of the reasons why you should adopt this relaxing and therapeutic practice.

-EXFOLIATION | this practice is essentially brushing your skin; which aids in exfoliation and the removal of dead skin. This helps to unclog pores and some have even said it helps with keratosis pilaris, AKA “strawberry skin”, with continuous use.

BLOOD CIRCULATION | long strokes can aid in blood circulation and lymph drainage. When the skin is moved, everything underneath also moves. This is why a critical aspect of dry brushing is to brush towards the heart. When you do this, you are helping your lymphatic system drain any stagnant lymph. This can help with swelling, and relieve any aches you may be experiencing.

-DETOXIFYING | your body needs both internal and external detoxification. Externally, your body is able to successfully cool itself through sweat and the added benefit of dry brushing carefully scrapes the dead skin cells away, allowing for free, unclogged pores to let the sweat escape. Internally, dry brushing helps eliminate toxins by pushing stagnant toxins in the body towards the liver and kidneys which gets released through other bodily functions.

-SENSATION | you know the feeling you get after a perfect massage? One feels calm and relaxed but with a sense of rejuvenation. This is due to the work done on the nervous system. Body work, like massages and dry brushing, have a direct effect on the nervous system by stimulating the nerve endings found in the skin. While a massage’s purpose is definitely different from dry brushing, the aftermath on how you feel can be quite similar.


-Start at your feet and glide the brush upwards in long strokes, going over the areas of your legs and knees that tend to be a bit dryer. Repeat a few times.

–When doing your arms, start at your fingertips and work the brush towards your armpits. Again, focusing on areas that need extra care; elbows.

-On your chest and stomach, use long circular motions in an upwards direction towards the heart to guide lymph drainage.

-Repeat as necessary, but don’t overdo it!

This practice is best done 2-3 times a week before a shower or bath. This allows you to slough off any dead skin you may have and wash it away easily with water.

As always, everyone’s skin is different. A practice that works wonders for one can be detrimental to another. One should also avoid any wounds or sunburn on the skin when dry brushing. If not avoided this could cause increased inflammation and irritation.

Whether you’re looking for a new practice to add into your wellness routine or you suffer from dry skin that seems to have an attitude, dry brushing can be a beneficial practice for all.

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