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D DROP Humectant Factor Explained

Drum roll please…we are happy to launch our new product D DROP Humectant Factor!

Why should this product become an important part of your skin care routine? First and foremost, moisture. Humectant by definition means the act of retaining or preserving moisture. This is ideal to keep your skin supple and hydrated. 

The D DROP Humectant Factor is water based which when used in conjunction with one of our soothing serums or potions, traps in moisture to create a barrier that allows the mixture to dive deep into the cells of your skin to hydrate from within.

D DROP Humectant Factor is comprised of a few ingredients that are sourced ethically and with the most care:

Hemp Oil Liposome is a key component to reduce inflammation, which aids in delaying the early signs of aging by lessening the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. With the addition of anti-inflammatory properties, this ingredient does it all! 

Watermelon Bio Ferment is just what it sounds like, fermented watermelon. Watermelon flesh has elevated levels of vitamins A and C while also being mostly water. This is a major factor in moisture retention. This ingredient acts as an emollient, which has softening and soothing qualities for your skin. 

Peppermint Hydrolat is utilized as a calming element. With its antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-viral properties, minor skin irritations can be cooled with the regular use of D DROP Humectant Factor. 

What step do I use the D DROP Humectant Factor in my skin care routine?

When you have an established skin care routine, it can be hard to add something new into the mix. Does it go in the early stages with cleansing, or maybe towards the end with a moisturizer? Before serums or after? 

An ideal step by step is as follows:

Clean face with THE GOLDEN MILK cleanser → ESPECIAL K toning mist → D DROP humectant factor → Face Serum / Face Potion

However, you know your face better than we do. A solid skin care routine will continue to evolve with the ever changing needs of your skin. You should be checking in with your skin to see what it needs, especially if you live in an area with extreme seasonal changes. 

We have spent over a year perfecting this formula to meet the high standards we have here at KHUS + KHUS. D DROP Humectant Factor’s cooling water based treatment is the perfect addition to increase hydration as we head into cooler months.

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