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Creative Eco Solutions for Our Miron Glass Jars

We have all been victims of buying products, throwing away the packaging, using the product to its completion, and then inevitably throwing away the bottle.  We live in a world where products are created to be discarded easily when we’re done with them.  However, for those of us trying to be environmentally friendly, we try our hardest to overcome these societal norms and do everything we can to limit our waste.  Nevertheless, it’s so difficult to come up with ways to reuse all the bottles and jars that are collected over the years.  I have fallen prey to buying more eco-friendly products that limit their chemical use and waste within the products, but when I’m done with the bottle, there isn’t much to do besides throwing it away.  That’s why in this blog I am going to outline some awesome ways to reuse all the bottles and jars we use for our products over at KHUS + KHUS!


+Hydrolat Spray Bottles – Yoga Mat Cleaner

For this 100 ml bottle, you can create your own yoga mat cleaner with just a few simple ingredients.  I know that I don’t clean my yoga mat as much as I should so this one is a must for me!  There are lots of easy cleaners you can make, but the one I use is distilled water, tea tree essential oil, and lavender essential oil. Both are well known for their antibacterial qualities.


-Fill the 100 ml bottle most of the way with distilled water

-Add 15 drops of tea tree essential oil

-Add  30 drop of lavender essential oil


Tea tree is well known for its amazing antiseptic properties, which makes it a great agent for cleaning your yoga mat.  Lavender is one of the most versatile essential oils out there, it helps to relax and calm the mind, which makes it a great ingredient in this yoga mat cleaning spray.  The combination of tea tree and lavender makes this spray an awesome staple for any cleaning routine.


+50 ml Bottles – Make your Own Tinctures

On our way to clean beauty, many forget that beauty comes from within.  Some don’t know what a tincture is, and I was definitely one of those not long ago.  A tincture is an herbal preparation where the minerals of the plant are extracted into a solvent. The solvents used are usually a high-proof (80-proof at least) alcohol, which does the best at drawing out the medicinal properties of the plants. Tinctures are a concentrated form so a small dose goes a long way.  Tinctures are very easy to make!  All you need to do is chop up the herbs of your choice, fill a mason jar ¾ full for fresh herbs and ½ full for dried herbs (make sure not to pack the herbs too tightly) and cover the herbs completely with alcohol to the brim of the jar.  Screw the cap on tightly and let them steep in a cool, dry, dark area.  For the 1st week just shake the jar every day to mix up the concoction and then let sit for another 5 weeks.  The mixture will sit for a total of 6 weeks.  After that all you have to do it strain the mixture with cheesecloth over a bowl.  Make sure to press down on the herbs to get all of the liquid out.  You can then compost the plant matter and funnel the tincture into your 50 ml bottle.  Just make sure to label your bottle with your desired concoction and clean out the bottle well from any leftover serum to make sure your tincture stays away from any unwanted microbes.

You can take a few drops of the tincture under your tongue; else you can dilute it in a small amount of water.  One of Kristi’s all-time favorite tinctures to make is using reishi mushrooms.  Of course, make sure to do some research into tinctures to find out more information and herbs to use that suit your needs to best!          


+200 ml Bottles – Make your Own Hand Soap

The 200 ml bottles come with the perfect pump top to be reused in making your own hand soap.  The one that Kristi uses in her home smells amazing and uses only a few ingredients! All you need is distilled water, Castile liquid soap, your choice of rosemary, lavender, red mandarin, frankincense, lemon, are all great options because of their antimicrobial, antibacterial compounds.

-Fill bottle with Castile liquid soap

          -½ cup distilled H2O

-Add 20-30 drops of your choice of essential oil

          – Vit E NON-GMO (of course)

     -Make sure to shake it up before use


This homemade hand soap has the perfect smell from the essential oil and also cleans your hands well with the tea tree essential oil.  Of course, you can mix and match which essential oils you use to your taste and still get the amazing benefits and pride of making your own hand soap!

+ 30, 100, 200 ml Jars – Storage

These jars are just the perfect size to hold all your loose odds and ends! They are great for travel.  I just got back from a trip and used the 200 ml jar to store all my jewelry instead of letting them get tangled in my suitcase which I used to do.  You can also use these jars to hold your dry herbs, saved seeds from your food for future planting endeavors, and also for your 420 needs if you’re so inclined. These jars have endless opportunities to be reused; you just need to think outside the box!


Also all of our boxes and packing materials are recyclable and biodegradable.  And you can also reuse the boxes for packages you need to ship out to loved ones!


There are so many possibilities with what you buy instead of tossing the used bottles and jars in the trash.  KHUS + KHUS is all about limiting our ecological footprint to try and save this amazing planet of ours and this is just another way we can all work together to continue down this eco-friendly path!



Jennifer Wildes

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