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COCONUT OIL | the truth

Coconut oil has a questionable reputation as of late, which can make people wary about trying any product with coconut oil in it.  But I am here to tell you that you are really missing out on a great ingredient that has so many benefits in skincare.  

The facts about coconut oils complex chemical compounds are listed below.

Antimicrobial properties

Coconut oil is composed of medium-chain fatty acids which give it its antimicrobial properties.  Using coconut oil helps kill or slow the growth of these microorganisms.  This is beneficial in skincare as most skin challenges, such as acne, are caused by external microbes.


Having anti-inflammatory properties essentially means that it helps reduce inflammation in the body.  Inflammation can show up on the skin as redness, pain, and acne just to name a few.  When you use an anti-inflammatory ingredient on the skin you are cooling down and helping the skin return to a state of balance. Coconut oil also helps alleviate inflammation by improving antioxidant activity, which means it stabilizes and eliminates free radicals from the body which is caused by pollution.

Can help acne

Due to coconut oil’s antimicrobial properties and the high concentration of linoleic acid this can be a beneficial ingredient for those that have acne.  Research has shown that people that have acne tend to have lower concentrations of linoleic acid in their skin, which can contribute to clogged pores.  Since coconut oil has such high contractions, this can help increase the amount of linoleic acid on the skin and in turn help alleviate acne.


In KHUS + KHUS body waxes, the base of these products is organic coconut oil because of this very point.  Being an emollient basically means that it helps soften and moisturize the skin and also helps the skin’s lipid barrier lock in moisture. This is important in skincare, especially as it pertains to body products that you must moisturize your body as you do your face because dryness anywhere is a manifestation that there may be systemic dryness somewhere else.  You can spend all day making sure your face is hydrated, however, if you skip the skin on your body, you will still not see the best results. 

Our skin is one vital organ and we need to take care of it in its entirety to assist the body in sustaining radiant vibrant skin.



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