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REISHI the mushroom of immortality

Reishi is prized as the “plant of immortality”, the sacred plant with miraculous healing abilities. This is the perfect remedy for the typical American suffering from constant stress. Reishi’s effect on the immune system is to totally enhance immune function, increase and various other beneficial compounds in the bodily system.
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Ashwagandha is a powerhouse in the healing world and is a no-brainer when included in your skincare by providing mental clarity while also protecting and nourishing your epidermis. Our COPIOUS body serum is formulated with this magic herb to help the body from top to bottom.
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FAKE fragrance

The skincare world is full of products that are heavy on fragrance. But did you know that some fragrances can be harmful? Synthetic fragrances are produced with petrochemicals that are highly dysregulating to the body and confuse the body's assimilation process.
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Fall is a special time of year as we more from the fire and water elements to air and ether. We shift from hot and wet, to dry and cool. This creates changes in our skin requiring us to adjust to this new elemental play of nature.
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The word “aromatherapy” is derived from the French word ‘aromatherapie’ which was first coined by French chemist Gattefossee in the 1930’s. As Gattefossee understood, aromatherapy was a classic allopathic therapy within the framework of conventional medicine in which essential oils are used to treat disease.
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How To Care For Your KHUS+KHUS

We hate to be the bearer of bad news but your skincare products need a little TLC to provide vast benefits when used. Your products can lose efficiency over time due to things you may be doing daily but don't worry, below are a few easy things to avoid to keep your products in tip-top shape.
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THE INTEL On Gut Health

The well-known phrase, “you are what you eat”, may not be as far-fetched as some think. To be more accurate, “you are what you are able to digest”. The function of digestion is to absorb the right nutrients from your food to fuel your bodily organs. But if your gut health is off, that means your digestion is off.
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