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Raise your hand if a body serum is on your shelf right now? What about a body wax — not the let’s rip the hair out of our follicles wax, but a wax that glides on your skin like a serum, but isn’t? 

Body serums have been joining the rankings of a typical skincare routine as of lately. They have hydration properties and since these serums are highly concentrated, they not only moisturize the skin but provide nutrients. And since a little goes a long way, your daily use will not mean you run out fast!

Body serums provide a protective and moisturizing layer that your skin will love you for. But due to the lightweight quality of serums, they will not suffocate your skin. The serum quality allows these benefits to quickly absorb into the skin with a nice dewy glow. 

Body waxes, while very similar to body serums, do stand out with some slight differences. While the serum is solely a liquid, the wax comes in a solid form, depending on the surrounding temperature. The ingredients we use to create our wax is beeswax, coconut oil, and babassu oil. As these are saturated oils, they stay solid at room temperature.


To use, take a scoop of the solid wax and hold it in the palm of your hand to heat it up. The wax will slowly melt in your hand. Don’t forget to take a moment to enjoy the scent, the aromatherapy therapeutic benefits will help calm you and your body. A little goes a long way, and then with a gentle touch, rub the warmed wax all over your body. 


A wax differs from a serum because of the solidifying aspect. This allows the properties of the wax to create a barrier along the skin, aiding in slow absorption. However, the body wax and serums have more similarities than differences! They both have moisturizing, antioxidant, soothing, and protective properties. 


The major take away from body serum vs body wax is your preference. Each is going to be a beneficial addition to your skin care routine.  And with daily use, you will see a noticeable improvement within 3 weeks!  Both the serums and waxes are a great product to use when giving yourself, or others, a massage. Apply liberally to the body with long strokes, preferably towards the heart to stimulate lymph movement.


If you are still on the fence on which you would prefer, we have a sample set just for you!  Our BLEU sample set contains a 30ml jar of our BLEU body wax and a vial of our BLEU body serum, along with one of our best-selling face serums — SANS AGE face serum.  


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  1. Thanks Kristi, I have both and I prefer the wax in the winter and serum in the summer.
    The Blu scent is a staple in my routine as it soothes my anxiety! Bless your heart ❤️

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