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REISHI the mushroom of immortality

Reishi is prized as the “plant of immortality”, the sacred plant with miraculous healing abilities. This is the perfect remedy for the typical American suffering from constant stress. Reishi’s effect on the immune system is to totally enhance immune function, increase and various other beneficial compounds in the bodily system.
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Should You Try ‘Slugging’ for Softer, Better Skin?

Is this TikTok trend really worth it? Instead of using petrochemicals for this skincare step that leaves you introducing harmful chemicals into the body, let's try a plant-based product to give you the same benefits.
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Let's dive deep into why our SANS AGE face serum is the missing product on your shelf. Loaded with the best of the best ingredients, your skin will thank you with glowing and balanced skin
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Ashwagandha is a powerhouse in the healing world and is a no-brainer when included in your skincare by providing mental clarity while also protecting and nourishing your epidermis. Our COPIOUS body serum is formulated with this magic herb to help the body from top to bottom.
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A Millennial’s Journey to Ayurveda

Growing up as a millennial, I used to pride myself on how active and conscious I was about preserving and protecting the environment. However, I did not know my life would be turned upside down with how wrong I was about what a healthy life truly meant.
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The Last Time I Drank Soda

My journey to non-toxic happened about 17 years ago. I read an article on high fructose corn syrup and it literally changed my life as well as my families. Through the awakening of the food I was eating I began to wander the aisles of Whole Foods and Natural Grocer, eventually landing in the supplement and beauty aisle.
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Reawaken your sense of smell, and why it is important for your health

Throughout history man has relied on the primal sense of smell, it was important for survival. But in order to understand the reason, the survival mode of scent and its connection to our successful adaptation to the natural world lies in the connection to our anatomy and our synergistic connection to our natural world.
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Quick guide to ayurvedic lifestyle therapies, daily routines + self care

Within the body, there is a natural rhythm surrounding our relation to food and sleep. When we live in harmony with these rhythms, our body experiences health. When are out of harmony, our bodies experience disease.
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Aromatherapy Remedies for Insomnia

First lets touch on how insomnia is defined. Literally, it's latin for absence of sleep. It affects many people today and can be a constant stress. Fortunately aromatherapy offers some helpful remedies from our plant allies to give you a good night of restful sleep.
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