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CREPEY SKIN: A Comprehensive Guide

  Being able to feel confident in your own skin is a feeling that we…

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It’s no secret that stress has a direct effect on our skin. When we’re stressed,…

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The History of Herbalism

The History of Herbal Medicine: How Ancient Chinese Medicine Became One of the World's Most…

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REISHI the mushroom of immortality

Reishi is prized as the “plant of immortality”, the sacred plant with miraculous healing abilities. This is the perfect remedy for the typical American suffering from constant stress. Reishi’s effect on the immune system is to totally enhance immune function, increase and various other beneficial compounds in the bodily system.
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A wax differs from a serum because of the solidifying aspect. This allows the properties of the wax to create a barrier along the skin, aiding in slow absorption. However, the body wax and serums have more similarities than differences! They both have moisturizing, antioxidant, soothing, and protective properties.
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SQUALANE benefits

Squalane’s sebum-like properties help hydrate skin but unlike too much naturally occurring sebum, its lightweight nature keeps it from feeling too heavy or greasy on your skin. When thinking of your skin, think of it as a barrier. This vital organ needs proper care, and when properly cared for, your skin can appear younger and less sensitive.
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COCONUT OIL | the truth

Coconut oil has a questionable reputation as of late, which can make people wary about trying any product with coconut oil in it. But I am here to tell you that you are really missing out on a great ingredient that has so many benefits in skincare.
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MEDITATION | because in stillness is where you heal

Meditation is the ultimate purification practice. It is the way to become more powerful because you cast aside the ego for the Self, and once rooted here we operate on a different frequency. It creates awareness of your thoughts and mental patterns.
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Under stress, the body diverts energy away from the immune system because immune activity is perceived as nonessential for short term survival and well being, unless the stressor is pathological, such as in the case of an acute infection.
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Problems with sleep are quite common and can be caused by many factors: age, stress, improper daily habits. But there are herbs available to us that can assist in calming the nervous system down and promoting a more restful sleep experience.
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INTRO to aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is considered one of several complementary and alternative medicines. As a holistic therapy, aromatherapy clearly is able to affect the mind/body/spirit aspects of the individual. However, to date, aromatherapy has lacked a framework for whole health. Ayurveda provides us with such a framework.
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How to chill the F out

Stress is a very real thing that every single person experiences every day. The consequences of stress on one’s body is extreme and can be very detrimental to one’s health. Below are some great ways to help incorporate self-care into your lives and achieve relaxation.
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