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SPOTLIGHT ON | Jatamansi is called many names; Indian spikenard, muskroot, nard, nardin. Jatamansi is an herb that originates in the Kashmir region; Himalayas, India, and populates at an elevation above 11,000 feet. This flowering plant has a deep history of regal backstory, a key ritualistic component in anointing past monarchs and people of high stature. More recently, its perfumery and healing qualities adorned it as a highly sought after plant. Medicinally, Jatamansi provides countless internal benefits, such as aiding diuretics and assisting the kidneys and liver by dispersing toxins.

When Jatamansi is crushed and processed, the oil from that process is then procured and used in many facets of your life. You can purchase spikenard essential oil as is, or if you read the ingredients of many products you already have, you might notice that it has already been a part of your life.

Jatamansi has anti-fungal properties which are crucial to fight infections and irritations, such as rashes and allergic reactions. Jatamansi is safe for all skin types; sensitive, inflamed, irritated, and is pivotal for mature skin as Jatamansi is known to aid in cell regeneration. And it doesn’t just assist externally; Jatamansi has been proven to lessen aches and pains internally through treating inflammatory issues. All of the above prove that Jatamansi is a key ingredient to make an efficient skin detoxifier, and with routine use, you will notice less damage caused by free radicals.

COPIOUS | body serum will be your new favorite product. This body serum glides on like silk and deeply nourishes your skin. Its main objective is to combat environmental damage due to free radicals and counter oxidative stress. Jatamansi is introduced into the COPIOUS during the infusion process which allows for a concentrated amount to be a base element in this magical potion. The infusion process is the operation of extracting the plant’s constituents into the base oil–this is done through crushing the plant’s membranes to release the necessary goods and allowing the plant to infuse into the base oil for 2 weeks.

Jatamansi is a fundamental ingredient, but when paired with others such as Frankincense and Myrrh (sorry, no gold), the efficiency of the COPIOUS is undeniable. COPIOUS | body serum is a powerhouse of a product, acting as an emollient (skin soother/smoother), to a relaxant, a tonic, and wrapped up in antioxidative properties.

To use: Apply liberally to the body with long strokes towards the heart to stimulate lymph. Reapply as needed to receive therapeutic benefits.

Whether you are in need of a product to revitalize your skin, or you are just looking for a way to pamper yourself, look for anything that has Jatamansi. Skin saving aside, the aromatherapy from Jatamansi will calm your nervous system and lessen irritation throughout your body. When lathering your whole body with the COPIOUS | body serum, take deep breaths and allow the aroma to put you in a meditative trance that will wash away any worries that are currently lingering and help ease the aches and pains of everyday life.

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