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Aromatherapy Remedies for Insomnia

First lets touch on how insomnia is defined. Literally, its latin for absence of sleep. It effects many people today it can be combined with anxiety, nervous tension, and stress that accompanies the rhythm of daily life. Aging also plays a role, because as we grow older the less sleep we require. Of course, exercise, relaxation, yoga, meditation, routines around bedtime are all beneficial in maintaining a healthy sleep cycle.

In addition, aromatherapy offers some helpful remedies from our plant allies. Massages, essences diffusors, and few drops in bath or pillow. Place a few drops of french lavender, rose, or red mandarin on your pillow or in your diffusor a half hour before sleepy time.

Give yourself a relaxing oil massage with essential oils before bedtime. Another great idea is to take a hot bath you can enhance the experience by adding 10 drops of chamomile, melissa, rose or lavender, or a combination of various ones. Breathe deeply and calmly during the bath and when you finish no screen time straight to bed. Also, keep synthetic lighting to a minimum.

Here are some recommended essential oils for assist in combating insomnia.

Basil+ chamomille+clary sage+rose+lavender+red mandarin+melissa+neroli+petitgrain+sandalwood+vetiver+ylang ylang+patchouli+jasmine sambac+frankincense+vetiver+atlas cedarwood.

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    1. Hi Amanda,

      For body COPIOUS was actually formulated with herbs known to assist with insomnia. SO it’s really the best one we have to calm everything down, really great to combine with dry brushing as a relaxation treatment.

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